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Mobile logr 170 million downloads in just 2 months »ERdC

Call of Duty: Mobile logr 170 million downloads in just 2 months

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In just two months Call of Duty Mobile has achieved 172 million downloads in just two months. This is the game for Smartphone in which Activision worked hand in hand with Tencent. The well-known game editor partnered with the Chinese game studio to bring the popular first-person shooter to the Smartphone. Since its launch in the Smart Phone Store, the Shooter has been very popular.

According to a new report, Activision has generated 87 million dollars of player spending after its last mobile title gets 172 million downloads. After its initial release, the game obtained around 146 million downloads during the first month; Meanwhile, more than 21 million downloads were recorded in November.

In the United States, the Smartphone game has proven to be a great success. In the North American country, 28.5 million or 16.6 percent of all downloads have been made. India is in second place at the discharge level with 17.5 million installations or 10.2 percent; Meanwhile, Brazil reaches third place with 12 million installations or 7 percent of total downloads. Most downloads were made through the Google Play Store app; which obtained up to 89 million downloads, representing 52 percent of all installations.

The iOS version of the game got 83 million downloads; this being 48 percent of the total shared. Call of Duty Mobile generated most of its revenue during the month of October; During that month it was also that he obtained the highest number of downloads. In October the game achieved a total of 55 million US dollars. In November the game achieved a total of 31 million US dollars.

The United States is on the cusp of passes in which most of the revenue generated has been recorded. In the American country, players have spent up to 36 million dollars; this being 42 percent of the total expenditure of the player bases. Japan presides over the United States; having spent its players a total of 11 million dollars or 13.2 percent of the total expenditure. Great Britain is in third place with 2.6 million dollars; this being 3 percent of the total.

Call of Duty Mobile is ranked among the 25 titles with the highest revenue. We hope that Call of Duty Mobile will continue with this good step.


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