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Lyft's algorithm is trying to block people with names like "Dick", "Finger" and "Cummings"

Lyft is pointing to people with names that their algorithm considers inappropriate, such as "Dick," "Finger," and "Cummings." The passenger transport company is sending messages to these users telling them that their names do not align with the guidelines of their community, and they are instructed to change their name or to start from the service.

Naturally, this is creating some consternation among people with, say, delicate names.

The company also marks customers with names that do not sound in English. Lyft client Kwame Som-Pimpong said The edge who has asked for clarification on what name, in addition to yours, the company would prefer to use.

Whatever Jen Dick is here, it seems to be a classic case of the Scunthorpe problem, in which someone is blocked from a website because they have a username that is considered obscene. The problem was named after an incident in 1996 in which the AOL profanity filter prevented the residents of the city of Scunthorpe in the UK from creating accounts, because the name of the city contains a four-letter word that I don't believe I can say.

A spokesman for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the Lyft response bot on Twitter is working overtime trying to collect phone numbers and emails from all those affected.

While it's not clear if he was affected, Twitter user Charles Butplugg wants everyone to know that he feels his pain.