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Kodak announces a curious line of instant cameras at # CES2019

He CES 2019 In terms of presentations, it has filled us with very interesting information from each of the presenters and companies that have attended the event. Still, we know that not everything is AI or screens that bend and that there is room for simple devices oriented to a public not so demanding.

Kodak is a company that with only hearing about it we thought of photography and in its time was one of the pioneers in bringing portable cameras to the world. Thus, in the event they have decided that they want to play with the nostalgia of those people who remember that time and have launched their Smile line of instant cameras whose models have a retro touch that you already see.

The first is the Kodak Smile Classic, which integrates a digital camera of 10 megapixels inside a retro shell integrating a pop-up viewfinder, microSD slot, automatic strobe flash and a 10-second countdown. In addition, the plus it has is in the ability to print the photos on 3.51 x 4.25 inch zink paper; also You can connect our smartphone to print the photos we have stored going bluetooth.

The second model is the Kodak Smile, which also has the retro design that at the same time was more current than the Classic in the past, ending in a much more portable camera. The sensor of this is also of 10 megapixels, with integrated automatic flash, LCD screen to preview and MicroSD slot. You can also print the pictures taken, but does not have the function to print goes bluetooth.

Finally, we have an extra, the Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer. A portable photo printer aimed at iOS and Android users who want to give a different touch to their photographs. This miniature printer works through bluetooth with the application Kodak Instant Print Companion App.

So you know, if you like collecting or want to print your photographs, wait for these Kodak products soon. Prices placed in $ 150 dollars for any of the cameras and $ 100 dollars for the printer.

Will you buy any of these products? Call us in the comment box that you found, we are reading.

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