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Intuiton, the game of questions and answers that your intuition needs

Intuiton is a question and answer game where you will compete in real time against other players. Use intuition and mischief.

Competing in real time with another friend using the smartphone is one of the advantages that mobile connectivity brought us. The question and answer games They are perfect: there is no need to pay attention for a long time, they are simple to use and test the intellect. Or intuition, something that takes advantage of this new game of Spanish developers.

The game in question is called intuition. And that is what you need to answer the questions you are asked: a lot of intuition to find the right answer. But beware, that responding well does not mean winning: the mischievousness of the rest of the players, and how they answered the same question, will mark your destiny.

Test your intuition and knowledge by challenging other players

Intuiton, the question and answer game that your intuition needs

You already know the basic mechanics: rounds of questions in which you must answer correctly. There will be an option for each player and just a false answer. In this way, it is not only easier to succeed following intuition, you will also need a strategy to not match the rest of the players by marking one of the correct answers.

The first thing you will have to do after installing intuition is to create an account To do this you can choose the fast route by entering from Facebook, create an account with a user email address or access intuiton as a guest. Once inside you have to check the option "I want to play": in this way the game will include you in the possible games that are created. You can also directly start a game and proceed to search for opponents.

Intuition Game Rules

Intuiton, the question and answer game that your intuition needs

  1. You must keep more lives than your rivals by answering a single answer for each question.
  2. If you answer the answer alone you will keep life.
  3. If you hit and match an opponent you will lose half a life.
  4. And if you fail or don't answer, you will lose 1 of your lives.
  5. He will win the last one left with at least half a life.
  6. Of all the possible answers only one will be false.

In addition to the mentioned rules, you have Power ups with which to put more sauce to the challenges. With the Robavidas you will take a life from the opponent you prefer; and with him reclosing You will have the option of returning to the game in case they eliminate you. Each of these Power-Ups costs coins; which can be obtained by winning opponents or going through the fast track of in-app purchases.

Intuiton is not the typical Trivial game

Intuiton, the question and answer game that your intuition needs

Developing a title in which players face rounds of questions immediately reminds the Trivial. Although you should not keep this impression since intuiton provides a way to play much cooler, especially for the rhythm of the games, the adjusted level of the questions and the possibility of running the powerups without ruining the game.

The rules and mechanics manage to balance the knowledge of the players: have the level you have you will enjoy with intuiton. And the option of stealing lives adds that point of mischief with which to challenge the opponents. All with a lot of humor: "Steal wallets!" Will wake you more than a smile. As long as you steal them …

A fun game that goes out of the ordinary and with which you can have fun playing with your friends. Also with players you don't know, of course. And without it cost you anything download: it's free. intuiton has in-app purchases, but they are not necessary to play; although they do add fun and mischief to the games ..