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If you are a professional of Instagram stories you have to try this app

In recent years Instagram It has changed a lot. Its birth as a social photography network for iPhone is already far away and if when we made the leap to Android we saw changes with the acquisition by Facebook what we saw was a transformation.

The main change in recent years has been the inclusion of stories, a new way of creating content that has almost completely replaced the publication in the conventional timeline.

That is why there are more and more applications that help us create professional designs for these stories, which go beyond what the application tools offer us.

The last application of this type we have tested is called Unfold And it has many options, being perfect for those people who publish a lot and want to take care of their image.

Many different templates

The core of this application is the huge number of templates we have available combining images, backgrounds and text.

These elements can be moved at times but the grace is to choose the one that best suits our needs. If the many that it brings (up to 25) fall short, we can buy more in the application (45 more), reminding us of this (in addition to the interface), to VSCO.

Editing the text in detail

If you are a professional of Instagram stories you have to try this app

One of the most powerful tools it has is the text editor, which allows us to write what we want, change the font size, the space between letters, the type of writing and even the color of it, even if only between white and black.

The latter may seem like a limitation but prevents too strident designs from being made. And it is that Unfold seems to us a very Elegant.

You can download it for free from the Play Store and use it without limits and without advertising interruptions. The only payment you will have to make is the one indicated for downloading extra templates, something totally optional.