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How to read and reply to SMS from your PC with Skype [APK]

There is one thing that we have been asking Microsoft for some time, and that is to allow greater integration with our smartphone. As much as this is still suspicious of Android, it is the largest operating system in the world and many of us need that integration. Now, with Skype we go a step further.

In the latest beta of the Microsoft VoIP calling application, The function of reading SMS on our PC has been added. A detail for those who receive many SMS and are locked in the PC.

Skype will allow us to read our SMS on the PC

This preview Insider is only a trial version, so it is not completely stable. Thanks to this update that includes the connection with SMS, we can read the text messages that we receive on the mobile directly in the Windows 10 application. And the best thing is that it is super easy to perform the process.

To start, you must have the Skype Preview app installed, which you can find both in the Google Play Store and in the APK that we leave below. Remember that this is not a stable version.

Read and reply to SMS from your PC with Skype (APK)

Then, we will log in with our Microsoft account, and go to the settings. Then, to Messages and then to SMS. We will have to activate the option to read the SMS on the PC, and follow the instructions to unify this application with that of Windows.

Read and reply to SMS from your PC with Skype (APK)

We will have to put our phone number and log in with our account in the Windows app. So, when we receive an SMS, We can read it in the same application. Although to answer it we will have to go to the mobile app, although we usually receive advertising SMS and various confirmations, so it should not be a problem.

Remember that this application is in the testing phase. If you want to wait for it to come out in the full version, you will have to be patient. But for now, you can try this feature And if you are to receive many SMS and be with the computer, take advantage of it today.