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How and when to improve the autonomy of your Android with a black background


How and when to improve the autonomy of your Android with a black background

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December 14, 2015

LG G Flex problem

Many people know that the screen It is one of the components of smartphones and tablets where more battery is lost (in fact, except in rare exceptions of use, it is the norm). There is also the widespread idea that a black desktop background It will be able to reduce consumption, since the home screen and the unlock screen are two of the places where we spend more time. This is, however, a half truth.

The first thing we must do to know to what extent dark colors can make a real difference in terms of energy is to know how does it work the screen of our terminal depending on the type of technology used. Today we find, in a generalized way, with two variants: LCD and AMOLED. In a tablet is simple, the only product line that uses the second one is the Galaxy Tab S, both in its first as in your second generation. To know the type of screen of a specific smartphone model, however, we recommend using complete data sheets of our MovilZona colleagues.

LCD technology

As the name implies, LCD screens (Liquid Crystal Display) They are made of glass and do not emit a light of their own, but they need a source behind them to light up. In this way, LCD screens do not get a real black, since black must always deal with a light behind him.

Turn on app screen

These screens are very common in televisions, and PCs; and consume more than AMOLED since each pixel needs to be illuminated whenever the screen stay on.

AMOLED and OLED technology

AMOLED is the acronym for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLEDs are practically the same but without active matrix. These screens are made of an organic material that produces light when the current passes through it, which means that the consumption is lower since every pixel does not always need to be lit and black is real, because there is no emission source behind.

Galaxy Tab S2 screen

Samsung It has been (and still is) the main bulwark of this technology.

AMOLED vs LCD What does the black background work on?

Indeed, as many of you will have deduced, LCD screens require backlight constant, regardless of the color shown on the screen, therefore, a black background will not mean a difference. The good news is that we can use squeaky tones without any fear of aggravating consumption. The best, without a doubt, is to regulate the brightness trying to reduce it to adapt the visibility to the environment.