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Google Maps for iPad and iPad Mini Available We have Tested!

When Apple decided to withdraw the Google Maps application from iOS to replace it with its own Maps, much of the public put their hands to their heads. The maps of Cupertino were still very green and most of the queries of places and routes were missing the solera and reliability that Google had been earning with its maps throughout all these years.

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Finally, Google Maps arrived almost as if by magic to the App Store, becoming in a few hours one of the most downloaded applications in the history of the store. Now, months after the release of the iPhone version, the version for iPad and iPad Mini arrives Where does the success of this new version of Google Maps reside?

A design to “Android"

Separating from Apple has sat very well with the application of Google maps, surely with the new iOS7 things would have been very different, but by that time Apple's mobile operating system oozed skeumorphism through all the pores.

Thanks to this forced separation, Google Maps looks incredibly good on our iPad, with a very minimalistic interface and that reminds us greatly of Android design. However, this is not something negative, but quite the opposite, the new change of air feels very good to the application and makes it much more intuitive and accessible.

The app takes full advantage of the large screen of our iPad and hides the options that are not strictly necessary so that our view is not distracted by secondary things. A design very similar to the new web version of the Mountain View company maps.

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<h3>Maps: proven experience</h3>
<p>Although Apple Maps have improved a lot in recent months, there are still many points where Google outperforms Apple. It is also not surprising, since the information collected by the search engine giant during the last years is a great asset of experience that gives them a great margin of advantage over their rivals.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Factors like loading speed, both to download the land and to plan our route, they are very grateful in the day. In the absence of being able to corroborate it exactly, he will swear that they load something faster than Apple's.

Of course, the accuracy and reliability of the results It is much more than remarkable and rarely does the application return an erroneous result when entering an address in the search field.

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the interface

As we have already mentioned, the interface is very minimalist and sure that it fits perfectly with the new iOS 7. Virtually the entire surface of the screen of our iPad is covered by the plane, leaving 3 different parts that will allow us to access the options .