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Facebook admits that it saves your location on Android without permission

Facebook admits that it saves your location on Android without permission

It is already becoming common for Facebook to have problems with user privacy, we say this because during this year Facebook exposed more than 600 million passwords from Instagram users. However, this does not seem to end, and because of the pressure of two senators from the United States, Facebook admitted that it saves your location on Android without permission.

Amazed? Well this is not all, Facebook explains that It doesn't matter if you block location services or disable GPS, they will always know where you are.

How does Facebook know your location if you deactivate the GPS?

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As you told them above, this whole problem was known because United States senators Josh Hawley and Christopher Coons asked for explanations directly from Facebook about how they workedcompany location tracking policies.

Because of the pressure, the answer was not long in coming, because Rob Sherman, Facebook sub director, I sent a letter to both senators explaining, step by step, how the location tracking policies of Facebook users worked.

Believe it or not, Everything is based on the advertising used by this social network to carry out marketing and to show you advertisements from shops that may be close to where you live.

Facebook works based on the user's IP address. With this, you can see how the person moves and behaves with respect to the platform, that is why it does not matter if they have deactivated the location services, Facebook can estimate, and determine, where each person is.

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In addition, Sherman explains that This information is known in detail if the person "constantly says he attends events in a given city". Something that is really common in Android phones. It has not happened to you that you are going to an event and when you go back home Google asks you how have you been in that place?

As we have told you, this is something that does not seem strange to us, Facebook has not had a good year with respect to user privacy. Even the FBI wants to have Facebook data to prevent possible crimes. So, Stop using Facebook or do you really care that this social network knows where you are?

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