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Dungeon Hunter Champions now available worldwide

Gameloft has announced the new release ofDungeon Hunter Champions in the App Store, Google Play and the Windows store, because either preparing your team or interacting with the great community of this title, a new type of online action RPG is created.

In this game you can become a powerful summoner to call champions from all corners of the multiverse and at the same time embark on an intense individual campaign with a group of characters and an interesting story written by Dan Abnett, who is a well-known author of fantasy and science fiction that has worked with the most relevant franchises in the world of comics.

We want to create new experiences within the Dungeon Hunter franchise.Dungeon Hunter Champions retains the most celebrated elements of the previous games, which accumulate 100 million downloads, and combines new techniques and game modes with original ideas, such as the immense Multiverse. Dungeon Hunter Champions tries to create a different action RPG with a new social gaming experience. Alexandre Pelletier-Normand, Executive Vice President of Production at Gameloft.

The multiplayer experience includes a 5 vs 5 real-time mode, which complements the individual campaign and allows you to improve your champions to fight in real time on maps specially designed to develop great battles.

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