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Clash Royale news brings a new goal

The new balance adjustments of Clash Royale bring a drastic change in the goal, practically all the cards that were used in the best decks have received important cuts.

We can already play with the new ones Clash Royale changes, this time they have been quite important as well as it affects a good handful of cards that were being used in most of the winning decks. Let us first review what these news are as it is possible that you have not heard that now the tab that warned of the changes has been changed to another site.

Elite barbarians

Important onion for elite barbarians, a card that was practically not used when it came out but that began to be seen in all decks after they were retouched. Now they take away 4% of life, do 4% less damage and the attack speed It is now slower going from 1.4 to 1.5 seconds. This together with the 6 drops of elixir that continue to cost you will rethink having it in your deck or not.


The download has suffered the worst cut for me, the damage has been reduced by 6%. A descent that on paper can be insignificant but that makes you can't kill the elves of the same level or the elves that come out of the barrel. For the first time in a long time they make us rethink to take the zap or the arrows in the mallet, change 2 to 3 of elixir.

Electric wizard

electric wizard

With the last legendary they give one of lime and another of sand, they raise their lives by 9% so that the fireball does not end with the electric wizard of the same level but in turn reduce the generation damage by 6% to be according to the download reduction. They improve a little one of the legendary that are less seen in competitive decks.


Another card that was present in practically all the decks of the goal, the mega-minion now does less damage, 4% less and its attack speed is 1.5 seconds when it was 1.4 seconds before. With this small touch-up it is possible that the megabbirro does not get to hit your tower twice if it arrives without defense.


This descent has surprised me a lot since the archers did not look much in the mallets, they have reduced life by 4%.

The log

Another card that receives an important drop is the worst legendary that can touch you in the game. The trunk now deals 4% less damage and does not delay units so much. A slight change but that will make you able to slow down a little less to large or multiple units.

Ice golem

Clash Royale

Their life points have been reduced by 5%, the radius of the deadly damage and the slow duration. A card that costs only 2 drops of elixir and that gives a lot of play especially in defensive mode to drag large units to the opposite side of the tower.

Ice spirit

Another of the cards that suffer the greatest zambombazo: they reduce the damage by 10%, something logical since for 1 of elixir when we threw it on a horde of minions for example (which cost 5) they left them so weakened that the tower needed a only arrow to end each of them so the exchange of elixir was scandalously beneficial for those who defended with the spirit of ice.


The magician is the only one who receives a decent improvement, his range is increased by 5%, which I honestly believe will not be enough to make him enter the decks again.