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Check the battery status of your mobile with this practical application

Everything we use ends up degrading over time, no matter if it is electronic or without chips in between. Even the components accuse the passage of time, something that suffers especially the battery. Each partial charge, each cycle, each time we plug the charger, provided it suffers more heat than necessary, the longer it stays at a low level of charge … the battery is reduced capacity.

Android It does not directly throw the state of the battery, nor the charge cycles that this vital component of our mobile has. Although there are applications capable of discovering how well the autonomy of the telephone is; beyond that you can also discover it with use. And the application that we are going to rescue today is Ampere, an old acquaintance of the androids since it takes time between us.

Ampere measures the battery status of your mobile and the charge that comes through the charger

Check the battery status of your mobile with this handy application

Although we have highlighted this application to discover a specific aspect of the battery, the purpose of the app is measure the charge the smartphone receives through the cable. This is of the utmost importance to discover if a charger is working correctly or not, also to know which one will load faster. We recommend that you keep installed Ampere to view all upload and download data.

Let's go with the objective of this article: is the battery of your Android phone in good condition? Let's see:

  • Install the Ampere application and run it. You will have to accept the terms of service (you can refuse, regarding the European data protection reform).
  • Once you are in the main menu of Ampere you will discover a primary value: the state of the battery.
  • Here you will know how well this component is and if it needs a replacement.

Other important details that Ampere throws are the maximum battery charge (It should correspond to what the manufacturer dictates; otherwise you will appreciate how much it has degraded), temperature (very useful to find out if you suffer from excessive heat) and different load levels They enter through the charger. As we said before, you can change the charger and cable until you find those that best behave with your smartphone.

What to do if the battery status is bad?

Check the battery status of your mobile with this handy application

The status code that throws Ampere It is the reading that gives the system in relation to the charge that manages to retain the battery. When the mobile is new, it retains 100% of its capacity; and this capacity decreases as charging cycles are completed, also according to other external factors (temperature, stagnant time at 0% …). If you get a bad condition that does not mean that the battery is going to catch fire, it is simply that retains well below its maximum capacity.

The only solutions you should already know: change battery, phone or suffer charging every two for three. If the mobile has an interchangeable battery you will not have problems to replace the component, quite the opposite if the smartphone is unibody. Changing the battery usually involves an invoice around 90 euros (it is an average, maybe more than double). You can do it yourself if you risk disassembling it, but it is something we do not recommend: there are many possibilities that you break the mobile.