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Apple removes the app that converts your iPhone into an iPod

ipod and iphone

A few weeks ago a video appeared with an incredible application that showed an iPod-style player on the iPhone with a lot of features. This app had no practicing possibilities of being approved in the App Store, in fact its own developer has confirmed it. However, a few days later Another app appeared that also simulated the classic music player on the iPhone.

This new app managed to pass the filters of the App Store since, in essence, it was a music player with some strange buttons. However, you can upload an image of the classic iPod wheel and it automatically transformed into the Apple player. We already tell you all the steps to get it, however Apple has not taken long to realize and, as is logical, has removed the app from the App Store.

‘Rewound’ is no longer available on the App Store

The creators of ‘Rewound’ have explained in an article in Medium why Apple has removed the app from its app store, the main problem is that "I copied the iPod design" and have communicated why they disagree with this position:

  • The optional scrolling movement to navigate a menu is not Apple Intellectual Property.
  • A wheelless or scroll navigation button design is not Apple Intellectual Property
  • Similar menu systems are found in all operating systems.
  • The masks were added / downloaded by the user, we do not include them in the application.

The developer of Rewound says that he cannot update the application to be approved without “breaking” the application for 170,000 people using it right now. That is, if you change the app for Apple to approve it, you will have to remove the customization feature, probably the main reason why people have downloaded it.

He has also commented that is preparing a separate version, without all the customization options. But he feels that "it is hardly worth the time or effort to try to pay attention to them," as he believes Apple will continue to reject the application. However, if you downloaded the app at the time, you can continue using it without problem.