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Anna Simn in the New UnBreak Number for iPad and iPad Mini

We can now download the new issue of UnBreak magazine on our iPad and iPad Mini. For those who still don't know her, this monthly magazine is totally free and in July he has launched his fourth number.

This month Anna Simon is the main protagonist of the cover and it is she who sits on Bernat's couch to star in one of her fun interviews. Some interviews that are based on simplicity: a sofa, a television, some snacks and relaxed conversations. Highly recommended to see the most casual part of the celebrities.

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A new number of UnBreak loaded with smiles

In UnBreak magazine, the basic pillar is humor. In this issue you will be able to see a new chapter of Electronic Clico, hilarious episodes in La Caja Lista, a report on the mystical mythical Tuesday and Thirteen or an interview with Antonio Castelo. However, this magazine fits all kinds of themes and we can see a comparison of the latest Superman and Star Trek movies, a report from The Fall series and another about the BBK festival. Everything that is giving what to talk about, will have a gap between the pages of this magazine.

magazine-unbreak-star-trek "width =" 590 "height =" 786 "srcset =" 590w, https: // 263w, 488w " sizes = "(max-width: 590px) 100vw, 590px" /></p><p>UnBreak not only keeps independent reports but also <strong>It also has a wide range of high quality fixed sections</strong>, such as the comic strips of Paco Cavero, the wind space of Roser Amills, the sound diary of Albert Munn and Francisco Garca or the Apperitivo section of Sitofonk where we recommend applications for our smartphones.</p><p>This is how this new UnBreak number looks good:</p><p>UnBreak teammates not only strive to show us the best content, but that <strong>they have improved the application,</strong>redesigning the typography to better fit Apple iPad Mini. In addition, the new version of the app also allows the magazine to be read while it is being downloaded. No doubt a good sign that the team is constantly working to improve the magazine.</p><p>UnBreak is a magazine that can not be missing in the kiosk of our iPad and iPad Mini since <strong>It is an example of how this device should be used to display a 2.0 magazine</strong>. For those days in which you are overwhelmed, that Monday that crosses us and it seems that it does not end or that Friday that we see too far away, this magazine will come in handy for that disconnection we need.</p><p></p><div class=

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