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A simple message can block your WhatsApp and make you lose conversations

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The WhatsApp Messenger developer team hastened to launch a new version of its application as an update in the App Store and Play Store. This version corrects a serious security flaw that allows an attacker to block your app by sending a "simple" message.

This security flaw has been discovered by the investigation group. Check point. The vulnerability affected both the iOS application and the Android application.

"The crash is so severe that it forces users to uninstall and reinstall the application again."

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The most serious WhatsApp Messenger vulnerability

As reported from 9to5mac, this vulnerability will allow an attacker to poison a destructive message in a chat group and completely block the application of all group members. The only solution will be to remove and reinstall WhatsApp Messenger.

In fact, users who receive this message will not be able to reopen the chat group, which will result in the loss of the message history of that chat. Luckily, application developers have already released an update that corrects this problem.

The attacker will use a web browser with a tool to edit a message with a very complex code which will then be sent to any chat group. You can see the process from this video provided by Check Point.

Check Point researchers warned WhatsApp about the details of this vulnerability and currently the new version of the application is no longer susceptible to this problem. So we recommend you update your application as soon as possible so you don't lose any conversation from your WhatsApp chat groups.