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Your mobile detect when you drive and change its interface

Android 9 Pie is already among us and even some mobiles have been officially updated. But we also know that many of the Android news are no longer part of the system, but that they come from Google Services, Google Play Services. That is why every time these are updated we get new functions.

The latest leaks come from the hand of XDA, which have managed to activate the APK of the latest version on two phones with Android 9, using a new function, called Driving Mode.

Automatic driving detection

Version 14.3.62 of Google Play Services has a function, Driving Mode, which once activated makes use of motion sensors, microphone or bluetooth module activity. With that data, he is able to find out if we are driving or not.

If it detects that this is the case, the mobile will change its interface by displaying Android Auto, in case we have to use it in the car. It will also activate the mode Do not disturb, which will prevent notifications from distracting us from driving.

As the system is not able to discern whether we are a driver or a passenger, before automatically activating this mode we will be asked for confirmation and when we accept these changes they will be carried out.

In the settings we have more options to configure whether or not we want it to be activated automatically, if we prefer that you open Android Auto only, turn on Do Not Disturb mode or do both.

Surely this function, like others like Better Toghether (which improves the integration of Android phones with ChromeOS computers) they start to activate when the Pixel 3 is no longer a mystery.

Of course, we do not know if there will be changes when it reaches the general public since Google could modify parts of the new function at any time.