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Xiaomi patents a phone with integrated on-screen camera »ERdC

Xiaomi patents a phone with integrated camera on screen

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The flagship phone Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 has been in the rounds of rumors for a long time. When the company was expected to launch the phone, we obtained the Mi Mix Alpha conceptual device. However, the rumors and the leaks on the Mi MIX 4 remain strong.

The Chinese telephone manufacturer has presented a new patent which is believed to be destined for the future Xiaomi Mi MIX phone 4. The patent is entitled ?Display Structure and Electronic Equipment?Or Screen structure and electronic equipment. In this a hidden camera is described below the phone screen It does not take up screen space.

Xiaomi phone patent with on-screen camera

In the patent, it is shown that the display structure includes a screen and an adjustment zone of light located on the light emitting side of the screen. The operating status of the attenuation component includes a state of light transmission and a state of polarization. It also includes a first region and a second region that They can be controlled independently.

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The screen also includes multiple independently controllable pixels. In addition, when the first region of the light adjustment component is in a transmission status of light, the pixels corresponding to the first region on the screen are deactivated to allow the light emitted from the first region to pass through the screen. Through this process transparency requirements are being controlled You need the camera sensor that is integrated under the screen.

Demonstration of on-screen camera technology

A few months ago, in June of this year, the company had shared a small video clip that showed the new camera technology under the screen they are working on. The video was revealed only moments after the video of exactly the same technological solution of OPPO It will be shared online through your social networks.

The video showed the Xiaomi Mi 9 phone next to what appears to be a Xiaomi Mi 9 modified without notches. On the video device it was clear the lack of a notch, then continue showing that the invisible camera for selfies towards their function properly.

Since the company has been making progress with respect to this camera technology under the screen or on the screen, We hope to see a phone that integrates the same technology in the coming monthss. It is widely believed that the future Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will be the chosen one to release this technology. We will be attentive for the possible launch during the CES and MWC fairs in the coming months.


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