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Wireless charging through the air # CES2019

Some of the gadgets presented in the past CES 2019 They have been extremely interesting. The one that we present below represents an accessory that in the future has many possibilities in our opinion.

The company Ossia in conjunction with Spigen a company dedicated to the manufacture of smartphone cases has created a case that allows devices to be charged by waves that travel through the air.

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The operation is simple, in a room a transmitter is placed that sends load waves with a range of up to 3-5 meters that are received in the case through the Cota chip created by Ossia. The company is already working on improving the signal sent that currently it is 2.4 GHz by a 5.8 GHz managing to improve the reach and the load power sent to the device.

At the moment the prototype works with the iPhone X what a great novelty but the accessory arrive this 2019 with more models to cover a larger market.

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There is no doubt that we are already in that future where the cables begin to be increasingly dispensable from our lives. Hopefully this product has a great success so that they have the possibility to innovate even more in the field of wireless charging.

How do you see this gadget? I'll buy? Let us know your opinion in the comment box, it's totally free.

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