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WhatsApp night mode is now closer than ever

WhatsApp night mode is now closer than ever

Few applications raise as much expectation as WhatsApp. And few system modifications as much as talking about night mode or dark mode for mobile apps.

A few days ago we told you that everything indicated that Google was working in a night mode for Android by advancing in 2018 the work with its official applications.

And it seems that it is not the only company that is taking this seriously.

Night mode will come to WhatsApp

WABetainfo has announced that the dark mode is already being tested in the popular mobile messaging service.

Specifically, it has found hidden references in the code of the latest updates of the application, which does not imply that it will be officially launched shortly but that the program engineers work on it.

This model would be of special interest for those users who have mobile phones with OLED screen, Android or other operating systems. The reason e that the energy saving is greater than in other screens, being higher the more we use the apps with this dark mode.

In the image above you see a montage, not a real image, made by WABetainfo.

This implies that it is something that, sooner or later, we should see, but remember that the stickers are also being tested for a long time, even more advanced, and at the moment there is no sign of them.

The slowness of WhatsApp changes

It is striking that WhatsApp, with all the resources of Facebook at your fingertips, takes so long to implement some of the functions that rivals such as Telegram have long had.

We cannot do anything and we will simply have to wait for more news or for the function to be officially launched even in the beta version of the application.