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What will CES bring us this year?


What will CES bring us this year?

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3 January, 2016

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The year always starts loaded with news for tech fans thanks to the CES Las Vegas, which always starts just a few days after we have eaten the grapes and when we are still waiting for the roscón. This year will be no exception and tomorrow will start the event responsible for opening the season. What can we expect the edition of this 2016? We review everything that is known (or suspected) that will bring us.

A year open to surprises

The truth, unfortunately, is that in reality there is not much to review, and not because none of the big names will be missing, but because there has been hardly any news that can encourage us to think that any of them prepares us some important presentation as far as mobile devices are concerned, with the possible exception of Sony, that when he announced his event he did it with an image in which a Xperia. The Japanese are, in addition, those who have traditionally saved most of the great debuts for Las Vegas. You can not expect, in any case, anything similar to an Xperia Z6. The conference will take place on day 5 at night, so Kings Day in the morning we will know.

Sony CES 2016

We can also trust that the Huawei Mate 8 It will be seen in Las Vegas, in what would be its official presentation for Europe and the United States and with a little luck we will have the opportunity to see it in hands-on videos and we can know when it will go on sale here and at what price. We will not discover anything too new, however, as regards its technical specifications, since practically all the information came to us with his debut in China.

And what do we know about the plans of others? Not too much and, as we said, nothing that is related to tablets and phablets (or even smartphones): it does not seem that there will be LG G Flex 3 this year of HTC it is expected only to show us virtual reality devices and Samsung It is said that what he is going to show are some of his most experimental projects, such as a virtual reality controller or an intelligent belt. To know the new HTC One M10 (or as the new Taiwan insigni ship ends up being called) or Galaxy S7, it seems that we will have to wait for the MWC.

That doesn't mean, of course, that we can't get a few nice ones. surprises. We will be pending and keep you informed.