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What 2016 will bring us in phablets and tablets


What 2016 will bring us in phablets and tablets

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January 1, 2016

Yesterday we reviewed the best that 2015 has left us to say goodbye to the year and to receive the new play, of course, to do everything we know that will bring us the 2016, which is still not much, and speculate a little about things still uncertain but promising. What is it the most interesting What can we expect the year to hold for tablets and phablets? What evolutions we'll meet? What do we already know about phablets and tablets called to shine this year?

A new leap in power


One of the issues on which we have more information is already that of the processors that, as you know, they are always announced a few months before they debut the smartphones and tablets in which they will finally arrive at the stores. In fact, by now we have had occasion to see records in AnTuTu of all of them, although it is true that the reliability of the results is not the same in all cases, since some records correspond to devices that have already been launched and others to test units. What it seems that we can count on, in any case, is that despite the maximum frequencies announced in the technical specification listings they are only somewhat higher, the difference in power that they are going to bring is going to be considerable. Even the one that has scored the least of all of them, the Kirin 950, overwhelmingly exceeds the figures achieved by Exynos 7420, this year's winner with some 70,000 points, with more than 90,000.

More resolution?

Apple iPad Pro

From what it seems that we are not going to witness this year is a new leap in resolution: in 2015 the Quad HD resolution for the high-end and the Full HD for the range has been consolidated, and it seems that here we are going to stay one more time, since the adoption of Ultra HD resolution are major words and it seems that neither Samsung neither LG, which are always the ones in the lead in this regard, are prepared to put it into practice. That does not mean, in any case, that you will not see any kind of evolution in this section, but rather that they will focus on other issues: As we have already said, everything indicates that in 2016 manufacturers will prioritize other types of innovations and that what we will continue to find are new technologies to reduce consumption and improve image quality beyond the number of pixels

The extension of the Force Touch

iPhone 6s pressure response

One of those new technologies related to the screen but not with the image quality that we should expect to see spread rapidly is the Force touch, which has popularized Manzana with the name of 3D Touch and that you already know that it is nothing but the sensitivity to the different pressure degrees that we can exercise and that opens new forms of interaction with the device. It is true that not everyone is equally convinced of its usefulness, but finally the importance that the apple company continues to have as a benchmark in the sector has been felt and we have not taken long to start hearing news from other manufacturers are going to bet on her, the most prominent case being that of future Samsung Galaxy S7. It will be necessary to see, of course, how much game gets out of it on Android, since having applications that take advantage of this technology is essential to make it attractive.

A new iPad

iPad Air 2 sound

Although 2015 has finally allowed us to meet the long awaited iPad Pro and to a new iPad mini 4 which really deserves the qualification of “new” after the disappointment of the iPad mini 3, it cannot be denied that it has been missed that a new edition of the iPad Air was also presented. Fortunately, yes, we will not have to wait too long to attend the debut of iPad Air 3, which according to fairly reliable predictions will see the light before summer. We do not know much, however, about the characteristics that we can expect to find in it, although there have already been speculations about it. The credibility of each of them, however, is quite different: while it seems quite certain that it will not come with the technology 3D Touch still, it costs something more to believe that he will ride the same processor of the iPad Pro and, above all, that it will increase its resolution.

And new Nexus 7?

Nexus 7 HTC LG

If 2014 was something disappointing for many of the fans of the Nexus range, 2015 has left them some joys, with the return of the popular Nexus 5 from LG and thanks to the great work done by Huawei with the Nexus 6P. Well, combining the return of an emblematic device and the partnership with Huawei, 2016 could bring us equally good news, except in this case for the tablet field, since the latest information suggests that the company could be the one in charge of manufacturing a third generation of the celebrated Nexus 7, one of the tablets with the best quality / price ratio (both in its first and second generation) and one of the most popular devices in the range. Unfortunately, in this case, we still don't have details about its characteristics, although it seems logical to think that it would be a mid-range model that serves as an alternative to those looking for something cheaper than the Nexus 9 wave Pixel c.

More Windows tablets

Surface Pro 4 interface

Although the position of the Windows tablets in the market it has always been something precarious it seems that under the influence of the success of the last Surface Pro and with the push of Windows 10 We should attend this year to a moment of expansion. In fact, we have already known in the last months of 2015 some new models of professional tablets with the operating system of Microsoft whose arrival at stores in our country are still pending, and there is news of new ones that could be released soon. Of all of them, the one that arouses most our interest is one that would be in charge of Samsung and of which records have been found in recent days in some regulatory bodies. We don't know much about him yet, unless he would have a screen of 12 inches. Bearing in mind that surely Koreans don't want to stay out of the competition led by the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro, we are sure that it will be a tablet of the highest level.

The Galaxy S7 will also have Plus version

Galaxy S6 edge + side

It seemed that Samsung, which had been a pioneer in the field of phablets thanks to the Galaxy Note range, was the only manufacturer that did not need to adopt the “plus” version model that Apple has popularized, but all the news we have so far about the future Galaxy S7 They insist that this will also come in at least two sizes, although it is not entirely clear how much exactly it will be (there is, in fact, a report according to which there will not be two sizes, but three and one of them would reach 6 inches) It is also not clear if there will be extra features in this other version, as usual, or if it will be only larger. The latest information in this regard has pointed out that what is going to happen is that it is the "edge" version the one that will grow until 5.5 inches, while the standard will stay at 5.2 inches.

Endless rumors for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone-6s red

The pull of smartphones from Manzana It is clear in the huge amount of rumors that have already circulated about the future iPhone 7, even if its launch is the furthest in time of all flagships. Precisely because there is so much to see the light is difficult to give too much credibility to any of them, which in the best case can hardly be anything more than some of the possibilities that will be shuffling in Cupertino. In any case, the most interesting things have been heard and it is difficult to resist the temptation to join speculation. To cite just a couple of the most surprising rumors, it has been claimed, for example, that outside antennas could be suppressed to do so waterproof and that you could replace the headphone port with a lightning one so that you can further reduce its thickness.

Will flexible screens finally arrive?

tablet-flexible-3-parts "width =" 656 "height =" 318 "srcset =" 656w, 300w, -partes-240x117.jpg 240w, 690w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px "/ ></p><p><span style=We end up with a theme that is every year in the pools, but that never comes true, even if patents never stop appearing, of Samsung mainly, that seem to indicate that the moment of truth is just around the corner, and this year has been no exception: the launch of the first mobile device with a really flexible screen. As you can deduce from our tone, an endless number of failed predictions in this regard make us quite skeptical about the possibility that 2016 is finally the year we see one of them in stores, although it can never be ruled out either. What we may find, however, are more curved screens, given that after the success of Galaxy S6 edge yes we heard a lot about other manufacturers who were preparing to launch their own "edge".

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