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Wee Kids Math, Learn Math with this Funny App for iPad

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<p><strong>Wee Kids Math</strong> It is a universal application for iPad and iPhone with which the smallest of the house could take their first steps with mathematics. <strong>The app deals with the knowledge of numbers and some very simple operations</strong> such as addictions and subtractions. Slowly but with continuous progress, children will learn some basic arithmetic, set theory and numbers from 1 to 20 thanks to simple operations.</p>
<p>Wee Kids Math is an educational application created by Ebooks & kids within a series designed especially for iOS. Children will learn math by playing with animals, vegetables and much more. The application is intended for children with ages <strong>between 5 and 8 years</strong> And it has no advertising. What more could you ask for in an educational application?</p>
<h3>Wee Kids Math, an App for iPad and iPhone with which to Start in the World of Mathematics</h3>
<p>The application interface is clear and simple so that <strong>Children can use it without the help of the elderly</strong>also <strong>Does not contain advertising or in-app purchases</strong>. You can leave children playing while they learn math. The sound is also outstanding and accompanies the application perfectly.</p>
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We have tried Wee Kids Math on iPad:

Wee Kids Math is a really fantastic app with which children will learn a little bit of arithmetic while having fun. This application for the learning of mathematics It differs easily from others because it uses many and varied games with the numbers and not based on one or two types of tests. Wee Kids Math enhances the ability of children at a fantastic age for learning.

The application is universal and you can use it on both your iPad and your iPhone. In addition, children can play with your total peace of mind because the application does not connect to social networks, does not include advertising, in-app purchases, etc. Wee Kids Math has been specially designed for the little ones.

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