Use Xiaomi gestures on any Android mobile with this app

Use Xiaomi gestures on any Android mobile with this app

When the touch screens became normal in the use of mobile phones, we went from having physical keys to write to having to touch the screen, with some exception.

However, for many years we have been using physical buttons, either by pressing them or by touching them (in the case of haptic buttons). Only a few years ago it has become normal to implement virtual buttons on the screen.

The next logical step in the control of our smartphones is without a doubt the use of gestures, something we have seen in some brands such as OnePlus or Xiaomi implemented more or less correctly.

In fact a few weeks ago we told you how to use OnePlus gestures, or very similar ones with an application. Today we do the same but with those of Xiaomi.

Simple and configurable

The app we refer to is called Fluid Navigation Gestures and allows us to control the interface of our mobile by sliding your finger from the edges.

After installing it we will see a simple guide of how it is used. If we slide our finger from the side towards the center of the screen we will activate the button Return. If we do the same from below we will go to Start and if we prolong this last gesture we will open the Multitask. As in the Xiaomi.

But the application allows us to modify some parameters to, for example, open some applications or change the behavior of certain gestures. In the lower one there are even several simultaneous actions, depending on where we slide.

We can also control the effective area of ​​the gesture areas on the sides, something that I have always said MIUI needed. In this way we will not overlap the lateral gesture of returning with the opening of a lateral menu in applications such as Google Maps or Gmail.

We can even hide the navigation bar if we have root access or if we connect the mobile to our computer.

Free with payment features

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and has a 1.79 purchase integrated with which, if we want, we can unlock features such as the background color in the gestures animations.