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Update WhatsApp or a single message may block the app

Whatsapp error

WhatsApp has endured a difficult 2019 on the security front, with pirate storm stories, multiple vulnerabilities and even struggles with governments and their agencies for their insistence on end-to-end encryption. And now, just when the year reaches their Anyway, there is news of Another security threat that has compromised the integrity of the platform.

The risk this time is messages, specially designed to destroy applications and that can block WhatsApp. In fact they can do it with enough force so that the app is blocked and your information is lost. Do you want to know more? Then you can not miss this article, here we explain the problem.

A new WhatsApp vulnerability has been discovered

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According to the cyber security firm Check Point, its researchers have discovered a major WhatsApp flaw. This is a security error that allows hackers, send a destructive message to a group chat that causes a fast block and complete of the entire WhatsApp application for all group members.

The blocking error is so serious that any affected person is forced to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your device to be able to use it again. But, once the app is reinstalled, the user cannot return to the group chat or access the group's chat history.

Carrying out the attack, through WhatsApp Web, will be relatively simple. An attacker will use a web browser debug tool to edit a message in any group chat and cause problems for its participants.

Keeping your WhatsApp app up to date is the solution

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WhatsApp was informed of the vulnerability and did not sit idly by, so it created a solution. This solution was implemented in version 2.19.58, launched in mid-September. In addition, recently, they have been added new controls to avoid communication with reliable participants.

The company has also ensured that the versions of the app that were downloaded before and that were not updated, they remain at risk. So if you do not want to be a victim of this fault, it is best to make sure you have your application updated to its latest version.

If you have not updated your WhatsApp app, do not wait any longer and avoid being a victim of hackers.

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