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UnBreak Magazine for iPad, Second Number Now Available!


UnBreak is a native iPad magazine that has just launched its second issue in the App Store. The content that UnBreak boys bring us every month is the most varied and you will find fashion, TV, videogames, series, interviews, sports, humor, sex and much more. UnBreak is completely interactive and you can touch, move and slide your magazine to come alive. Enjoy the reports, songs and everything that moves within UnBreak.

You will also enjoy, for free, great collaborators such as David Pic, Vctor Amela, Axel Torres, Electronic Clico, and a long list of very very good people. You can also subscribe for free and every month you will receive on your iPad the necessary notification to download the new UnBreak number.

UnBreak Magazine launches the second issue of its great iPad magazine

In this second issue of UnBreak you can enjoy a special on Iron Man and especially in the character himself, who seems to be phenomenally changing the turn of the century. An interview with Tony Stark by Pep Prieto, a great interview with Marvel cartoonist Salvador Larroca and certain gadgets and accessories for the most geeks of Iron Man make up much of this special. Don't miss it! Don't let it down.

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<p>UnBreak cinema is a section that introduces you to the ?Holywood Legends? and you can learn about curiosities and other stories about movies, actors and actresses that are told, some real and others invented. <strong>Alicia Albares gut all the stories for your enjoyment</strong>. You can also watch the movie trailers that are hitting the billboard hard and read the synopsis with the general summary of the movie. A section to be up to date.</p>
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<p>?Puente Areo? is a sports section and this month you can enjoy with one of the best pdel players, Fernando Belasteguin. Get to know its history and the way it grew up to become what it is in the world of paddle. <strong>Albert Rodrguez thoroughly crumbles his story</strong> and he tells us how Fernando had to leave his native country, Argentina, to progress and demonstrate his natural talent.</p>
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<p>In the section Gusta I like sex ?discover, by the hand of Roser Amills, <strong>the pleasure of reading</strong> and and you will see, in the first person, how to have an orgasm reading, with some extra help and the great courage of Roser herself. You will also enjoy the videos of ?We speak for a Tube? where <em>Bollicao</em> and <em>redhead</em> They show their know-how as far as humor is concerned, they are not beginners in this art.</p>
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<p>Video of the number 2 of the Unbreak Magazine for iPad and iPad Mini:</p>
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The UnBreak magazine for iPad is young in age, but not in experience. Interviews, reports, photographs, drawings, everything in general is treated with the utmost care. In this new number you can check how new improvements have been introduced due to the advice sent by the readers themselvesUnder each article you can find a shortcut where you can follow the authors of the magazine, in addition to a link to their own website. If you want to be up to date, you have to be clear, UnBreak is your magazine. Describe it now for free from the App Store and give us your opinion.

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