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This is how the iPhone home screen has changed in the last decade

iPhone 4 ios 4

In 2010 Apple was a great company, but nothing that can be bought with the company it has become. However, in that year, it laz some of the most important devices in its recent history, such as the iPad or the iPhone 4, the first Apple device with Retina display.

These two devices include a very different version of iOS than we currently have. iOS 4 keep the initial design with the scheumorphist icons, that is, icons that resemble what they intend to represent. In addition, the screen was only 3.5 inches, so the differences with respect to the current home screen of your iPhone are huge.

The evolution of iOS in a decade

The change that is most visible to the naked eye is undoubtedly the extra space we have achieved thanks to the larger screens. On the iPhone 4 we had a grid of 4 x 4 icons, regardless of the dock, in the new iPhone we keep the 4 columns of icons but expand up to 6 rows.

ios 4 vs ios 13

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As for the icons, we can classify them into three groups: those that have basically maintained their design, such as the Phone, Messages or Calendar; those that maintain the essence but with notable changes, such as the Settings icon, Notes or the App Store, and those that they don't look like anything like Music or the Photos icon.

In addition to all this, other changes must be taken into account, for example in iOS 4 we have a native YouTube and Google Maps app, both disappeared in favor of options you downloaded from the App Store. And there is still another great change, sure that on your home screen now you have popular apps like Instagram or Snapchat, applications that in 2010 either do not exist or did not have current popularity.