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The three cameras of the iPhone 11 will look like those of the Mate 20 Pro


A concept of the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI with the three cameras.

Ben Geskin

Apple use a three-chamber system in a square space to be placed on the back of the iPhone 11, according to a report by the Asian Mac Otakara media.

The reliable site says that Apple choose to place this three-camera photographic system on both models of the iPhone 11 (tentatively called iPhone 11 for the 5.8-inch model and iPhone 11 Max the 6.5-inch model). The final design of the cameras will be very similar to that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, says the medium.

The Japanese media report coincides with other leaks and reports on the iPhone 11. Several leaks suggest that Apple choose to place three cameras on the back of the cell within a square, in the style of Mate 20 and not vertically, in the style of cell phones such as the Huawei P20 Pro. Samsung has chosen to place its cameras horizontally.

Mac Otakara says that the successor of iPhone XR He will have two cameras on his back, unlike his first generation that has only one. Apple has not confirmed anything about the plans it has for phones this year, but the company usually announces new phones in the fall, specifically in September.

A three camera system will help improve the images that the iPhone can take. Manufacturers use three or up to four cameras on their cell phones but not in the same way; some choose to leave a third lens for zoom and others to take larger images. It is not known what Apple's approach to the trophy of cameras is on the iPhone 11.

Apple already announced two events for the first half of the year, but none of these are expected announcements related to the iPhone 11. Instead, the Cupertino firm will reveal in the first event, scheduled for March 25 two new video and subscription services to media such as magazines or newspapers and in the second event, in June Apple will show the future of its four operating systems.

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