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The most important retailers on Instagram in 2019

The most important retailers on Instagram

Retailers are the fifth industry that generates the most interaction on Instagram.

Top brands in this segment can be a great source of learning for your business.

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A social network such as Instagram, where the visual section predominates, cannot be considered exclusive for certain types of brands, such as fashion ones, thanks to the more than one billion monthly active users who already live in this space, brands from all industries can Be present to reach their respective consumers and meet their different marketing objectives, such as retailers.

As with the brands of other industries, the retailers have managed to consolidate an important presence in this social network, the clearest reflection is in the number of brands in the segment and the numbers that manage to move, for example, according to the report “Instagram and Facebook Trends Report Q3 2019 ”, retailers represent the fifth group on Instagram that generates more interactions in the social network, only below the aforementioned fashion industry, e-commerce, beauty firms and industry Automotive

However, the fact that retailers are there corresponds to a group of brands that manage to stand out within the social network. As we share it in this day's chart with Socialbakers data, this is what the top 10 retailers that have achieved the most interactions so far this year look like.

As you can see in the image, the Foot Locker firm, dedicated to footwear and sportswear, has accumulated almost 70 million interactions. After this brand is Urban Outfitters with just over 67 million interactions during this period. Subsequently, in the third place the cosmetic firm Sephora stands out, with more than 55 million interactions, and the top 5 firms Primark and American Lojas close.

Taking these brands into account, along with the rest of the list, can certainly be of great help to better understand how to boost interactions and engagement in a scenario that can become increasingly challenging, remember that Instagram has experienced one every in engagement and has decided to stop showing key interactions in some of its important markets.

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