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The iPhone 12 could be a failure if operators do not ampule 5G coverage on time

iphone 12

The success of the 2020 iPhone line not only depends on Apple, nor even depend solely and exclusively on the supply chain manufacturing companies, the operators They will also come into play.

And it is that 5G connectivity technology be one of the biggest attractions of the new iPhone 12 models next year. Therefore, if operators do not offer their support with connectivity soon 5G, the next-gen Apple smartphone sales will be very seriously affected.

From CNBC they report that the popular analyst Gene Munster of Loup Ventures believes that the first year of 5G connectivity for the iPhone will be "a big disappointment for investors." While the change to 5G by Apple is a very good opportunity, the support of the operators is a small obstacle to beat in the process.

?The first year of iPhone 5G will be a disappointment for investors. It is definitely a massive opportunity for Apple, a great move in 5G, but it will take time for operators to offer full coverage. ?

The iPhone 12 and its 5G connectivity

On the other hand, the US operators are optimistic about the coverage of 5G mobile data connectivity. They think that expand relatively quickly from here at the end of 2020. From Verizon they say that half of the United States will have 5G in the middle of next year. We will have to see if the same thing happens here in Spain, where the operators Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Jazztel, Pepephone and company should put the batteries if they want to have their iPhone users happy.

In addition to 5G connectivity, it is speculated that the iPhone 12 line will have a better battery, a camera with ToF functions and other small changes in its design.