lost phone games of the week

The graphic adventure that marked your life and lost phones

The weekend comes and, with it, free time to rest and play. Welcome to a new edition of the best Android games of the week, a section where you can meet new games to have fun with our phone.

We end the month of January as we always do, with more games to have a good time with. It has really been a very interesting week for the most gamers, since we have witnessed one of the most important updates of Clash Royale, in addition to the arrival of quite anticipated games such as Yu-Gi-Oh !, or the newly renowned Pokémon Duel.

And if it seems little, here are more games.

Road Hopper: Pixel Politics

We start the weekend with a curious game but can not. We all know the type games endless runner, in which you advance indefinitely to achieve the greatest possible distance before falling. Road Hopper is a game of this style, but it has something that makes it different.

Instead of running, we will have to jump and dodge the objects they throw towards the congress. In this game we are a group of politicians who have to prevent the objects that throw us from impacting us. In each attempt we will control five characters at once, and everyone will jump at the same time in every touch we give to the screen. A pretty entertaining game.

Road Hopper is a free game with micropayments.

Frogged King’s Way Back Home

A king is turned into a toad, and must return home. After that argument, we find a game in which we control a toad, one of those games that show us that not all games are equal.

It is a platform game, puzzle and exploration Suitable for all ages, with well-kept graphics and a story capable of moving us.

Frogged King’s Way Back Home is a free game with micropayments.

Number Rumble

The genre of logic games is usually covered by several puzzle games, which in the end end up being the same with a layer of paint, so Number Rumble has caught our attention from the beginning.

In Number Rumble we have several mathematical challenges, but also logic puzzles. An advantage to motivate us to perform them as quickly as possible is that we can compete on-line in front of other players, being able to prove who is the king of mathematics.

Number Arcade is a free game with micropayments.