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The best games for Chromebook you can download right now

If you have a Chromebook, you may have noticed that there are not as many games for it as for other types of computers. But that does not mean there is nothing to play! Now most Chromebooks have access to the Google Play store, so you have millions of Android games at your disposal. And even if you have an older device with Chrome OS, you can find a good selection of titles, from role plays to mental skills games. Here we compile a list of the best games for Chromebook, and best of all, almost everyone is free!

A note about compatibility: Chromebooks do not support many games due to controller or hardware issues. Some technically open in the browser as Chrome applications and will not experience problems. We have included some of these. However, we also include some Android games that are available in the Google Play Store and are played well on most computers with Chrome OS.

The best Android games for Chromebooks

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (free)

games for chromebook screenshot 2019 12 05 at 1 29 23 pm 768x768

The successful title that started the Sonic series is now available on the Chromebook through the Google Play Store! With Sonic the Hedgehog Classic You can run through the seven classic zones, make turns in the loops and defeat enemies. The game is optimized for Chromebooks with touch screens, but you can also use Xbox controls if necessary. It is extremely light and very funny.

Pac-Man (free)

games for Chromebook

Pac man It is one of the most famous video games of all time, and is now available for Chromebook. In this game you get many points while guiding Pac-Man through a maze to eat all the balls and fruits while dodging enemy ghosts. This game is full of old school style action, but you can also enjoy new daily missions, tournaments and rewards. Best of all, you don't need a Chromebook with a touch screen, because the game uses the arrow keys.

Asphalt 9: Legends (free)

games for chromebook screenshot 2019 12 05 at 1 55 31 pm 768x433Arif Bacchus / Digital Trends

Those who have a Windows 10 PC can enjoy racing games like Forza, but if you have a Chromebook and you really want to play a real racing title, you can try Asphalt 9: Legends. The game flows very well in Chrome OS; From time to time there is a fallen frame, but it is still a great experience. You can use touch controls if your device is compatible; If not, you can simply play with the keyboard. Choose the car you need and run through spectacular scenarios against rivals around the world.

The best games that are Chrome apps (free)

games for chromebook 3agario 720x720 copy

The popularity of has been increasing thanks to its easy handling (and having appeared in House of Cards also helped). All you need is the correct site and access data.

The game itself is surprisingly hypnotizing. You start as a simple stain in a world made of graph paper, and then you go there telling other players to grow and become more powerful. As you grow, you learn to use the tricks that your stain can do, where to hide and more. It's quite addictive and it's always a lot of fun to see other players around the world escape from you or swallow you.

Arcane Legends (free)

games for chromebook 3arcane legends 720x720 1 copy

There are many free role-playing games for Chromebook and almost all of them can be used on any computer. Nevertheless, Arcane Legends It is one of the most reliable and fun. This game allows you to create a character, fight a little, do some magic, tame some cute pets as normal in a role play.

You have to know that delving into the deepest elements of the game, such as the cofrades, requires a serious time commitment. It is not precisely for casual players.

Tagpro (free)

games for chromebook html5 tagpro 720x720

Although their graphics may be inspired by the old Minesweeper, actually Tagpro It is a surprisingly complex game of capturing the flag, great if you are looking for a brief competitive experience that revolves around strategy and teamwork.

Thanks to those super simple graphics you don't have to worry about anything other than the combination of bombs, blocks and powerups you have access to create your own levels to frustrate those who want to steal your flag. When a couple of teams come together and everyone tries to steal everyone's flags, it is chaos.

DarkOrbit (free)

games for chromebook darkorbit 720x720

Darkorbit It is a disputed massively multiplayer online science fiction that several years ago (exists since 2009) probably would not have appeared on this list. However, more features have been added over time, more details have been polished and you can play more for free.

If your thing is to supervise spaceships, hunt other players and compete to be the best pilot in the universe (and if you have a lot of free time) this game is for you. One caveat: there are a lot of fans who have gained a lot of experience after several years of playing, so at first you may not feel your element.