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The best free iPhone apps for a limited time today

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Every day there are applications that become free in the App Store but only for a limited time and we make a compilation with the best ones so you can take advantage of these offers. Developers they change the price of their applications to promote them from time to time and we are attentive to bring you the best free applications for a limited time.

Keep in mind that these offers do not usually last long, at best they are free only a few days until they return to their original price. For this reason you should try to download them as soon as possible, then you can delete them and download again for free at any time.

Free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch December 18

Grapple Gum

Grapple Gum is a award winning game in which you play as a small pink piece of bubble gum and fight against moving objects.

1Contact Pro

1Contact Pro is an intelligent application of contact management which helps you manage, backup and clean your contacts easily and quickly.

Moonlight Express: Fortnight

It is the night before Christmas. Santa Claus is about to start delivering gifts, but their reindeer refuse to fly. Call a child named Palti for his “Moonlight Express” night delivery service. Palti promises to do everything possible and deliver the gifts at the request of Santa Claus.

7 Minute TV Workout

He 7 minute workout Scientifically tested it reaches the iPhone and iPad after being a success on Apple TV.
Take a break for 7 minutes to be fit with this app with which you will not need special equipment.

Ananda – PREMIUM

Ananda helps you meditate, concentrate and relax with progressive binaural tones and peaceful sounds of high quality.

These have been the best apps that have become free today, remember to download them before they return to their original price If you are interested, it will soon cost a bit of euros again.

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