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The best free iPhone apps for a limited time today

free apps

The applications are essential on our iPhone and every day we make a compilation with the best ones that have become free for a limited time. From time to time the developers they change the price of their applications to promote them, and in many cases these become totally free.

These offers do not usually last long, at best they are free only a few days until they return to their original price. We bring you every day the best apps that have become free, but remember to download them as soon as possible at any time they can be paid again. Also once you download them, you can delete them and they will always be available in the cloud to download them at no cost.

Free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch December 17

Priori-Eisenhower to do

Priori is a time management tool which implements the Eisenhower Matrix rule on mobile devices. Faced with endless work and life pressures, Priori hopes to minimize the burden of the user's to-do list on the visual and operational levels through an effective but minimalist design language.

NumPad & KeyPad for Mac

Turn your iPhone or iPad into wireless extension of your Mac keyboard. Add dedicated numbers, arrows and other symbols to your Mac's keyboard.


Create your own reusable photographic filters mixing them as you want with up to 27 settings in your library. It is the best way to perfect your photos.

PhotoX Pro Top Live Wallpapers

Offer only the best wallpapers with over 500,000 beautiful and cool wallpapers and porne Live Photos at your fingertips.

WatchSpeak for WhatsApp

An app that bring WhatsApp to your Apple Watch, you can see conversations, photos and audios and send and receive messages easily from your face.

And here our collection of Free limited-time apps for iPhone and iPad. We hope you liked it and remember, they will be free only for the next few hours so take advantage and remember to return tomorrow for another reason.

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