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The best (and worst) of 2015 in phablets and tablets


The best (and worst) of 2015 in phablets and tablets

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December 31, 2015

Apple iPad Pro Microsoft Surface Pro

We have been bringing you the most interesting news in the world of tablets all year and today is the day that inevitably has to take stock to highlight the most interesting, with the advantage of being able to look at them with a certain perspective: who have been the great protagonists? who have triumphed and who have stayed behind? Who are the ones who have achieved the most surprise us? These are the headlines that for us best summarize what the 2015.

The year of professional tablets

apple ipad pro

The success of the Surface Pro 3 Last year he paved the way for professional tablets to start gaining weight and, indeed, in 2015 with the push of the launch of Windows 10 and the long-awaited debut iPad ProIt seems that they have finally consolidated: we have more and more quality options to replace our laptops with a tablet without compromising our productivity and more and more people are doing it. According analyst estimatesIn addition, this trend will not stop growing in the coming years, even if they will continue without being the majority option. But even if their high prices prevent them from being sold as much as the most affordable models, it is difficult to answer that they are the most advanced and called to exercise, in a way, leadership. A good example of this is that the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 have managed to sneak in this year in the top 10 Google searches in the consumer electronics category.

A new milestone in low-cost tablets

Amazon Fire 7

It is curious that at the same time that we see tablets triumphing with technical specifications of their own PC and with prices that often exceed 1000 euros, we have also witnessed the launch of a tablet that has meant a revolution in the field of low -cost. We refer of course to Amazon's new Fire 7, a tablet that sells for the ridiculous price of 60 euros and that, of course, has not taken long to become a success in sales. The really innovative thing about this tablet, in any case, is not the price itself, since it has always been possible to find tablets below 100 euros, but the one that despite its price is about a trusted device, which gives us an experience of use more than acceptable for occasional users. No doubt the tablet market is more polarized than ever but the result could not be more positive for us as consumers: whatever we are looking for, we have a device tailored to our needs and our budget.

The biggest yet

Galaxy View children

The prominence that professional tablets have gained has made us end up getting used to tablets with screens of around 12 inches, but this year we have also attended the debut of others with which manufacturers have dared to go even further , even exceeding nothing less than 18 inch. We are talking now, of course, about the Galaxy View, though Samsung He has not been the only one who has launched himself to explore this terrain. These large format tablets, however, have very little to do with the iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4 tablets, starting with the fact that they are not intended to take work anywhere, but to move them freely inside the home . And is that a tablet like the Galaxy View is not a tablet like any other but bigger, but a tablet that really invites a totally different, shared and family use. He will be successful? It is too early to say it because it is a very new and risky concept, but it must be recognized that at least it is a different and interesting proposal.

Google launches alone

pixel c keyboard

Although it seems that thanks to its association with LG and Huawei in this 2015 Google has returned to recover the lost favor of fans the previous year, even more interesting if it has been the launch of his Pixel c, a spectacular tablet that, in addition, will go down in history for being the first that has been solely and exclusively in charge of them. And the results have been simply excellent, as we have commented on more than one occasion, even if it is not entirely clear that it can be an alternative to tablets such as the Surface Pro 4 or the iPad Pro, as it would have been possible to think at first that it could be the intention of the Mountain View, because what can not be discuss is that for its price It is difficult to find an Android tablet with better finishes and quality / price ratio. Will it have continuity? Honestly, we hope so, although only time will tell.