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The alternative to Instagram for professional photographers is called Replash

Many in the world of technology are fascinated by photography. It is an art that reflects a lot, the new painting of our times. A good photographer can capture much more than a photo if he tries hard. And if you were looking for free professional photography images, watch out: this is Replash, Instagram for professional photographers ideal for everyone.

Cover photo by Adrian Petellier.

Nice, good and cheap … Better: free!

Replash, the Instagram for perfect professional photographers

This application is the in-app version of the network Unplash, which is dedicated to show professional photographs and to be a social network dedicated to those most dedicated to this beautiful art. This network hosts a huge variety of high resolution photos with an incredible advantage: They are all license free. They can be used for whatever you want, although it is appreciated that you give them a credit.

What does Replash offer us that many other apps of this style do not offer us? To start, its excellent design: Its interface is delightful. Sober, in black and white patterns and well organized, with a simple and easy to use distribution.

Replash, the Instagram for perfect professional photographers

Replash is divided into 3 tabs: «New», «Collections» and «Featured», shows the works of the artists we follow. We don't have too many tabs to get lost in, and we can search in a simple slide what exactly we want without getting lost. In addition, given the minimalist nature of the network, the color pattern feels great.

Replash, the Instagram for perfect professional photographers

We can make an account online if we are professional photographers or simply users for the use of the gallery. We can see again the tabs in the side menu, a donation section and the settings. let's remember that all Replash is free, And there is not even publicity. Such work must be paid.

Using this application has been a wonderful wonder. I have used it in a low performance phone and its operation is spectacular. There are no obstacles, everything is at hand and aesthetics helps a lot to navigate through the photographs. In addition, the variety of images is huge and as they promise, they are all in high resolution.

Replash, the Instagram for perfect professional photographers

But the section of Replash that I liked the most is the viewing of photography. He shows it to us in a big way, so that we can observe it well. It gives us the data of its realization, its likes, its location and the date on which the shot was made. Nothing else; Fair for any user. If we want more technical information, we just have to go to "Info" on the floating button.

As a good wallpaper app, we can download the photo, put it as a wallpaper and also we can see the statistics of the photo; how many people have seen it, the likes it has … And if we go to the artist's page, we will see even more things. The photos, likes, collections and everything related to the artist such as his donations page, his networks and his web pages.