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The 100 best Android games ever

These are the 100 best Android games in history. You will have played most of them, they have ended up being a reference. And if you didn't play them, now you can do it.

How many dead hours our smartphone has filled … Social networks and messaging reserve a good portion of those leisure moments, but games are the most appropriate software to entertain. And as there are games to bore you, literally, a list always goes well with those titles that have made history on Android.

The 100 Android games you have below have reserved their place in the history of entertainment. They are good, they are addictive, they offer fun in abundance and usually accumulate millions of downloads. Surely you agree in many and disagree in many others, but it is undeniable that they all have their importance. Here we have come to play.

1. Monument Valley

The 100 best Android games ever

The number one must be a game that combines the popularity of the title, its quality, graphic style and innovation. It may not be as classic as the mobile franchises that we all know (and that come next), but what Ida has achieved and all its impossible surroundings is stunningly beautiful. Too bad the levels become extremely short, it is the only downside this game has.

2. Angry Birds

I think it is one of the first exponents of the real mobile game. Rovio got a franchise that will live forever, even if the latest installments are too redundant: the birds, the green pigs and the slingshot are synonymous with mobile play. There is no one who has not played any of the parties. And many who will have passed with three stars each of the levels.

3. Cut the Rope

Om Nom is pure tenderness: a green monster to be fed by giving candy. Puzzles, simple mechanics, levels and levels between the various parts of which the franchise consists and all the charisma of an "achuchable" character. If you have not felt sad with Om Nom's face when losing a candy, you are not human.

4. Fruit Ninja

The 100 best Android games ever

Another one of those games that defined the "mobile" genre. Make the most of the touch capabilities of the screen: just make strokes to split the fruits. We all know its mechanics. And we have broken enough fruit to prepare juice for a whole school during the next year.

5. Crawlers

The one that messed with the fashion of this copy of Scrabble … I don't remember so much fondness for words from the language exams of the institute. It is not surprising either: challenging friends to see who is the smartest punctuating words causes real addiction.

6. Candy Crush Saga

Authentic devouring of time and life, double. And one of the main causes that in-app purchases, enhancers and limited lives are our daily bread when we try a new mobile game. And that the game itself is not bad: join candies, make combos and be sweetened to the diabetic coma. Sugar!

7. Subway Surfers

The 100 best Android games ever

An endless runner of those who ended up marking the genre in the mobile territory. Vertical scroll, a graffiti artist who runs away from the police without either of them getting tired, obstacles to stop a train (wink wink), tremendously addictive … Subway Surfers maintains its essence despite the years: you will enjoy it the same if you download it again .

8. Clash of Clans

This MMORPG designed for mobile phones catapulted its developers, Supercell, to fame. Successful downloads and monetization, wars between clans became an unstoppable fever. He has everything to succeed, and that is what he did: petarlo very strong. Still continues.

9. Pou

It seems incredible that this Tamagotchi made very modestly has survived so many years among the tops in downloads from the Android store. Graphics as simple as those drawn by a baby and sounds that are consistent. However … Pou has something that millions of users became fond of. Be that as it may, he earned his place in the Android Olympus.

10. World of Goo

The 100 best Android games ever

It did not appear first on mobile phones since it came from the computer, but it did adapt very well to the touch screens of smartphones. You don't need reasons to play it: you have to do it, period. Puzzles and sympathy in a construction game that set precedents. Wonderful.

11. Rayman Jungle Run

Ubisoft graphic engine for an artistic wonder made mobile game. All with the magic of Rayman, an animated character who will face the surreal obstacles of the different levels. Jumps, punches and a lot of career: Rayman Jungle Run is a must try. Same as the rest of the sequels.

12. Threes!

More puzzles, it's war. But classy, ​​that Threes! It marked a style and form of play. Limited board with number cards that we must add while there is still space. And the numbers … It seems impossible to give the figures charisma, but in this game it is widely achieved. There is no excuse: you can play it for free.

13. Plants Vs. Zombies

The 100 best Android games ever

I don't know who came up with the idea of ​​gathering plants shooting at zombies trying to invade a garden, but it ended up becoming one of the most popular mobile games in history. A redefinition of the "defend the tower" style characterized by characters who become protagonists for their sympathy. Hours and hours of fun, Plants Vs Zombies is pure vice.

14. Leo’s Fortune

Of those games that have everything to succeed and, for justice, they get it. Leo’s Fortune is a must buy, as is. Simple control platforms, excellent graphics, defined characters and a plot at the same level. It is one of those games that they always ask me when they see it in a review. In my opinion, a purchase that you will not regret in life.

15. Where’s my water

The crocodile that needs our help to take a shower. And how to do it? Digging the earth above it so that the coveted water falls. A classic that ended up buying Disney itself. And that made a version embodied by Mickey Mouse himself.

16. Osmos

The 100 best Android games ever

This indie game laid the foundation of and online games titles of the same style. We control a bacterium that must thrive by absorbing smaller bacteria. Escape and eat, the cycle of life in its most basic version. That is why colorful graphics for living beings are not dispensed with as well as a soundtrack that is worth listening with headphones.

17. Flight Control

The simplicity of casual mobile games has set a trend even on consoles or computers. How to get a game that works by drawing lines on the screen? Ask Flight Control, an air traffic controller simulator that has more vice than a bag of pipes. Splendid.

18. Lara Croft GO

Square Enix found the perfect way to move its most popular franchises to the mobile field: turn them into board games. We have Hitman GO, Deus EX GO and Lara Croft GO, one of the best achieved. Careful detail scenarios, simple mechanics, puzzles that are growing in difficulty and a challenge that is not easy to achieve. With the charm of Lara, which is also a detail that adds to the final quality of the game. All Square Enix GOs are a must buy.

19. Ski Safari

The 100 best Android games ever

This is one of the endless runners that has made the genre so common in mobiles great. Success in iOS to later land on Android, with Ski Safari we have a game with hyper simple controls that are not so simple to handle. One press and jump; Hold tight and the character will spin in the air. Getting a good score is complicated: reflexes are essential. And it comes loaded with unlockable achievements that boosted the gameplay. A full-fledged must.

20. Pocket God

Survivor of the first batch of mobile video games, Pocket God is the title thug by nature: you embody a God and you can do whatever you want with your believers. Throw them into the sea, throw them a bolt of lightning, multiply your town … It's been too long since it's been updated, and it's a shame. Although you can still play and enjoy being bad. Or good, but it's not that fun.

Endless Runner Games

The 100 best Android games ever

A genre that mobile games have defined. As the name in English already indicates, we will control the actions of a character who will only stop his career if he is hit with an obstacle. And there will be obstacles to bore you, skill and reflexes are the best help.

21. Temple Run

It is inevitable to introduce Temple Run among the best mobile games in history. Skin reflections for a game that defines the foundations of the endless runner genre: endless races, stroke controls and in-app purchases to unlock aids and customization items. Temple Run has continuation and even games created for Disney.

22. Jetpack Joyride

A twist to the formula: instead of jumping and controlling the directions, we will handle the power of a rocket so that the protagonist avoids obstacles by collecting maximum coins. He is a veteran, but he keeps the youth of his early days. And that there are options to get bored …

23. Badland

It is not an endless runner to use, but there lies much of Badland's appeal: a kind of black bat that will grow as it absorbs pieces of black matter, as in Alice in Wonderland. The dark atmosphere adds character to Badland, especially when we handle the flock by tapping the screen. You have to play it. Mind you: refrain from downloading Badland 2.

24. Geometry Dash. Controlling a square in a geometric world seems absurd, but this game will convince you otherwise. Rodeo Stampede. Create your own zoo based on capturing all the animals by jumping on them to the race. 26. Alto’s Adventures. A visual wonder for a game inspired by Ski Safari. Hunt all the flames. 27. Crossy Road Will the chicken get across the road? And so much further. 28. Gru, my favorite villain. An endless runner starring Minions, guaranteed success. 29. Sonic Dash The endless runner genre was made for Sonic: fast, frantic and with the hedgehog charisma. 30. Vector. With a history of the Matrix, we will need to apply the parkour movements chosen at the right time.

Puzzle games

The 100 best Android games ever

But not the typical puzzle of joining pieces to assemble the hidden image, but of the puzzles in which levels are advanced based on solving different types of problems. Given the ease to adapt the controls to the mobile, the puzzle is one of the most popular genres in the smartphone.

31. The Room

There are many games that simulate the escape from a dead-end room, but The Room is one of the mobile sagas that exemplify this style of play. The mechanics are simple: you have to find the best way to follow the path room after room. Finding the exit is not that simple.

32. Little Inferno

I put in this section this wonder of the creators of World of Goo because there is no category of «Fireplace simulators». Little Inferno is quite close to the puzzles: although the mechanics is to burn objects, the mysteries locked in the combinations of items to burn invite experimentation. It is not one of the best known mobile games, and it is very unfair: try it right now.

33. Flow

A game of simple appearance and mechanics that walks in the same direction. It may seem simple that idea of ​​joining colored lines without crossing, but getting the necessary progress to advance according to what levels becomes a real headache. Smart and perfect for any moment.

34. Bad Piggies. Spin off of Angry Birds, in this game we must build vehicles with all kinds of parts. 35. Transmission Communication stories for an original free puzzle game, without advertising and without micropayments. 36. 2048. This game was inspired by Threes! moving mechanics and increasing the logical challenge. 37. Unblock Me Free. Move the pieces of wood until the red one is released. 38. Dots Join colored dots to remove them from the board. Simple and minimalist to the extreme. 39. Zenge Rebuild the images based on joining the pieces in their correct order. 40. Paperama Learn origami while you find out how to fold the papers.

Games adapted from other platforms

The 100 best Android games ever

Not all games are original mobile, which have adapted many titles to touch screens. Console and computer. True jewels that deserve to be rinsed again and again.

41. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I have chosen this game from the GTA saga because I think it perfectly represents this section: huge games in their original format that, thanks to the mobile powers, have adapted to their specific needs. With the same extension as in the console and computer and an opportunity to return to San Andreas, one of the best Grand Theft Auto. Playing it with a compatible remote is a delight.

42. Sonic

All classics are adapted to mobile. And it is always a delight to control Sonic to relive the times in which we grabbed the command of the Mega Drive to infect us with the speed of the blue porcupine. All are recommended, but I would choose the original Sonic and the Sonic CD. Pure nostalgia.

43. Final Fantasy VII

It is not the cheapest games, rather the opposite: the star RPGs of Square Enix are in the line of 15 euros. But yes: being able to play the best Final in history from the mobile, and without the need to load an emulator, is a real delight. Without fear of being wrong, it is one of the longest and most complete games you'll find in the Play Store. Not without problems, something very reprehensible given its price.

44. Goat Simulator. This game is one of the strangest you will try. Do you want to become a destroyer goat? 45. Tomb Raider I. The original title for PlayStation and Saturn turned into Android game. Better with physical pad. 46. Minecraft: Pocket Edition. One of the most successful indie games for computers in history. Its Android adaptation moves almost all the features.47. Limbo. Dark and gloomy atmosphere for a unique game because of its style and history. 48. Metal Slug There is the whole SNK saga, but I prefer to highlight the first. War action tutiplén. 49. Max Payne Mobile. Playing the classic Max Payne on mobile is possible. With his bullet time and everything. 50. Worms 2: Armageddon. It is impossible to throw a single game to this mythical game of worms: pure drug. Of course, without updating.

Sport games

The 100 best Android games ever

More arcade than simulators. And with a simplified control to drive vehicles or athletes with the least possible number of adjustments. Contrary to what it might seem, sports games can adapt perfectly to mobiles. The 10 games chosen testify.

51. Real Racing 3

It has become a classic since it came out. One of the best car games in the entire Store, if not the best. Dozens of tracks, unlockable cars, difficulty adapted so that progress is not frustrating without in-app purchases, competitions … Real Racing 3 is a recommended download even if you are not a fan of cars.

52. Asphalt 8

Gameloft marked the best game in the saga when it reached number 8. It has tried with more versions, but in the end we all refer to Asphalt 8: its combination of arcade, speed and Nitro has hooked millions of users. And the graphics are of the highest quality, perfect for testing the GPU of a new mobile.

53. FIFA Mobile

The latest version of this soccer game is a must for football lovers. Adapted to mobile screens, free and with special emphasis on the collection of card players. In addition to playing on the mobile, you can combine the experience with the console titles to take advantage of the card collection acquired.

54. CSR racing. A great game of cars that is a success on Android. With continuation. 55. Riptide GP Jet ski racing with the highest quality graphics. With continuation. 56. Table Tennis Touch. The best ping pong game for Android. 57. Touchgrind Skate 2. The original set of skateboards for fingers. 58. Virtua Tennis. This adaptation of the Sega franchise is of great quality. Although it stopped updating.59. Reckless Racing Racing and skidding for a racing game with minimal controls. 60. Bike Race An arcade game in which we can drive trial bikes.

RPG games, strategy and resource management

The 100 best Android games ever

I include in this category various genres that are held together by the need to get into the world and embody a specific character. Manage available resources, plan strategies to advance … Android games go beyond casual titles.

61. Hearthstone

This card game set in Warcraft was a real boom among genre fans. Strategy, multiplayer game, creatures, very good dialogues, card decks … The cocktail is so powerful that it has caught millions of players. No wonder, it will also catch you.

62. Order & Chaos Online

Gameloft petitioned him very hard with this franchise. In a time where there were no great alternatives, the Order & Chaos saga offered everything that was demanded on a smartphone. MMORPG, thousands of online users, weapons and charismatic characters … Still in vogue.

63. The Simpsons: Springfield

A game that is a must for fans of The Simpsons. Strategy and resource management with ambience in the town of Springfield. All the characters in the series, recognizable situations, delusional humor … All while controlling Homer. U Homer …

64. Civilization Revolution. A huge game with all the quality of the Civilization saga taken to mobile. 65. Reigns. This is a very special game reminiscent of the classic text adventures of the first computers.66. There is day. The farm games had a huge boom. Among the best is this Supercell game.67. SimCity Build It. The city building simulator moved to mobile69. The Sims. It is not necessary to explain much: the simulator of people transferred to the mobile. 70. Oceanhorn A true wonder of the genre, classic RPG.

Shooter and action games

The 100 best Android games ever

Shooting, high-level graphics, weapons … Mobile games also have the level of computer games, even if you have to keep the obvious differences. And here you have the selection with the best titles for Android.

71. Shadowgun

One of the jewels in mobile phones and a whole sample that good shooters can be developed on Android. With everything that makes the charismatic genre. 3D scenarios, third-party game, plentiful action, more weapons than in a Rambo movie … Shadowgun is a classic.

72. Dead Trigger

The Madfinger caught experience with Shadowgun to make a spectacular zombie shooter. With some abuse of in-app purchases, but with all the action that a great game of his style requires. You have to play the first game and then the Dead Trigger 2. Essential.

73. Warfriends

It is the most recent in Android and also the newest in this top, but it starts marking history. Warfriends is one of the funniest games with which you can face your friends. In real time, multiplayer and with very balanced epic battles. A full-fledged "must."

74. Modern Combat. Saga "made in Gameloft" with high quality graphics. 75. NOT GOING. FPS also from Gameloft with a huge gaming experience. And need for resources. 76. Sky Gamblers Aircraft fights with air battles of World War II.77. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE. Goku and his people in a dance dance revolution game.78. Dead Effect FPS set in a world full of zombies. 79. Republique. An excellent game by parts in which we must infiltrate using the cameras. 80. Cordy Action and platforms for a mobile classic.

Multiplayer games

The 100 best Android games ever

These titles are designed to take full advantage of data connections. They are perfect because they join friends, family and enemies on a game board that can vary in a thousand different ways. Always with maximum fun by flag.

81. Clash Royale

It is already a classic in mobile games. I could even have highlighted him as a top 20, but I preferred to leave his older brother, the Clash of Clans, there. In Clash Royale we will have a multitude of cards, chests, combat arenas and endless other options with which we must win our opponents. Always in real time, of course.


Mobile version of the MMO game that sweeps browsers. The rules are simple: catch with the worm other worms that are smaller. It seems simple, but it is not when you face hundreds of people on the same board. It is very addictive.

83. Uno and friends

One of the advantages of the smartphone is that it is perfect for quick games while maintaining contact with friends. And if the One already hooks on a table, imagine online. It is perfect to hang out. With the same addiction as the cards, eye.

84. Asked. A Trivial with millions of users online 85. World of Tanks Blitz. Who wouldn't want to handle tanks? It is possible, here it is. 86. Exploding Kittens A card game with up to 5 players online. 87. Real Boxing Date yourself in epic boxing matches. 88. Ingress The predecessor of Pokémon GO is a magnificent online and multiplayer game.89. Chess Time You could not miss a game of chess, living history of entertainment in pairs. Re-Volt Multiplayer races with radio controlled games. It has more versions.

Games for all audiences

Talking Tom

Games that are not for children but, as they grab the mobile, do not release it until they give a good review in the form of games. The best thing is that they are classics aimed at anyone, whatever their age. Even if they are not used to video games: they will enjoy them the same way. Or more.

91. Talking Tom

All of us who have been with mobile phones for years have ever installed this cat or any of the variants. It seems a lie, but you have to see what fun to see how the happy Tom repeats our words. In addition, it includes different mini-games. Also a multitude of versions, something that has ended up tearing down the myth.

92. Castle of Illusion

This Sega Saturn game was adapted to mobile format for the joy of those who enjoyed the original title at the time. We embody Mickey in a platform game where we will see the classic Disney setting. High resolution graphics with the downside that on-screen controls are not the best in the world. For the rest, it is worth every penny of what it costs.

93. Labyrinth

This is one of the games that explained the possibilities of mobile accelerometers. Has anyone ever played with the typical game of driving the ball from one end of the board to the other, avoiding obstacles and holes? Well, this is Labyrinth, a title that is suitable for anyone.

94. Tigerball. It's very recent, but it's raging. Hit the jumping ball in the basket. 95. Egg Inc. Get your egg farm to produce as a multinational. 96. Draw Something You have to guess what the other person draws.97. Letter War: the Kingdom. A card game with the characters of Adventure Time. 98. Cooking Mama. Funny recipes that are made in steps and with great skill.99. Pac-Man The classics do not go out of style. 100. Paper Toss The original game of making paper balls in the bin.

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