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The 100 best Android games ever

These are the 100 best Android games in history. You will have played most of them, they have ended up being a reference. And if you didn't play them, now you can do it.

How many dead hours our smartphone has filled … Social networks and messaging reserve a good portion of those leisure moments, but games are the most appropriate software to entertain. And as there are games to bore you, literally, a list always goes well with those titles that have made history on Android.

The 100 Android games you have below have reserved their place in the history of entertainment. They are good, they are addictive, they offer fun in abundance and usually accumulate millions of downloads. Surely you agree in many and disagree in many others, but it is undeniable that they all have their importance. Here we have come to play.

1. Monument Valley

The 100 best Android games ever

The number one must be a game that combines the popularity of the title, its quality, graphic style and innovation. It may not be as classic as the mobile franchises that we all know (and that come next), but what Ida has achieved and all its impossible surroundings is stunningly beautiful. Too bad the levels become extremely short, it is the only downside this game has.

2. Angry Birds

I think it is one of the first exponents of the real mobile game. Rovio got a franchise that will live forever, even if the latest installments are too redundant: the birds, the green pigs and the slingshot are synonymous with mobile play. There is no one who has not played any of the parties. And many who will have passed with three stars each of the levels.

3. Cut the Rope

Om Nom is pure tenderness: a green monster to be fed by giving candy. Puzzles, simple mechanics, levels and levels between the various parts of which the franchise consists and all the charisma of an "achuchable" character. If you have not felt sad with Om Nom's face when losing a candy, you are not human.

4. Fruit Ninja

The 100 best Android games ever

Another one of those games that defined the "mobile" genre. Make the most of the touch capabilities of the screen: just make strokes to split the fruits. We all know its mechanics. And we have broken enough fruit to prepare juice for a whole school during the next year.

5. Crawlers

The one that messed with the fashion of this copy of Scrabble … I don't remember so much fondness for words from the language exams of the institute. It is not surprising either: challenging friends to see who is the smartest punctuating words causes real addiction.

6. Candy Crush Saga

Authentic devouring of time and life, double. And one of the main causes that in-app purchases, enhancers and limited lives are our daily bread when we try a new mobile game. And that the game itself is not bad: join candies, make combos and be sweetened to the diabetic coma. Sugar!

7. Subway Surfers

The 100 best Android games ever

An endless runner of those who ended up marking the genre in the mobile territory. Vertical scroll, a graffiti artist who runs away from the police without either of them getting tired, obstacles to stop a train (wink wink), tremendously addictive … Subway Surfers maintains its essence despite the years: you will enjoy it the same if you download it again .

8. Clash of Clans

This MMORPG designed for mobile phones catapulted its developers, Supercell, to fame. Successful downloads and monetization, wars between clans became an unstoppable fever. He has everything to succeed, and that is what he did: petarlo very strong. Still continues.