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Social platforms that your brand should not lose sight of in 2020

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3.4 billion people currently use social networks.

Among the emerging social platforms, the one that stands out the most is TikTok.

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Social networks remain a considerably important space if we take into account the number of people who currently use them. 3.4 billion according to the Digital In 2019 report, therefore, brands and companies must continue thinking about ways to maintain their relevance and impose themselves on the competition to better capture the attention of these individuals and achieve results. For this, one of the paths they can follow is to explore and settle in spaces where competition is not yet found. It is for this reason that next we will see some emerging social platforms that are worth checking and testing.

According to the specialized portal, Social Media Today, these are the 5 social platforms that brands and companies, as well as social media experts, should not lose sight of during 2020:

1. TikTok

At this point, if you have not heard of TikTok you need to be more aware of what is happening in the social media scenario. This social platform is becoming one of the most popular today, as we shared it recently, this year, in the case of Android devices, TikTok was the third most downloaded app, with a total of 378 million installations , just below WhatsApp and Messenger.

Its popularity currently translates into 500 million monthly active users; and in general, TikTok can be understood as a platform for short videos that play in a loop. However, what separates this platform from others that also allow to create videos, is the simplicity to add audio tracks, effects, augmented reality filters, among other things.

The platform is mainly used by young people, from the range of 16 to 24 years, and is considered a good place to promote business in the fashion and e-commerce industry, especially if development is contemplated of campaigns with influencers.

2. Lasso

The second of these social platforms can be understood as the response of Facebook Inc. to the arrival and popularization of TikTok. Lasso was publicly released just last year in a very discreet manner, although currently and has several advertising efforts to make himself known among more people.

In a sense similar to TIkTok, Lasso users can create short videos, to which they can add filters and effects. In this case, by being part of the same company of Mark Zuckerberg, people can enter the platform with their Facebook or Instagram accounts and publish their contents crosswise in the option of Stories of these other social networks.

Since this social platform is relatively new, there is not much data regarding the number of active users or other metrics, however, it should not be discarded given the signatures that support it. As it has been possible to observe on several occasions, Facebook has the talent to grow its platforms, the most important example of this is the case of Instagram and its growth after the acquisition of Zuckerberg.

3. Vero

Vero is one of the social platforms we have already talked about at the beginning of last year. Although it is not considered precisely new either, according to the source, it is necessary not to lose sight of it.

According to various experts, this social network can be understood as an alternative to Instagram, but with slightly more advanced options. It is a platform that poses itself as the next step in the field of social networks. This is due to the fact that it boasts of not having ads, nor data mining nor algorithms that can hide your publications. Users here, in addition to photos, can share music, TV shows, movies, books, links, even generate purchases without leaving the app, among other things.