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Simple tricks to avoid data depletion


Simple tricks to avoid data depletion

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6 January, 2016

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We currently need to be connected to the Internet all day. The connectivity of the terminals is a fundamental aspect that we take into account when acquiring new devices in order to be informed of what is happening around us and also to communicate and share thousands of elements not only with our closest environment but with the rest of the world.

To meet this need, operators have increasingly complete rates in which the amount of data They offer to users. However, for many, the available traffic may be insufficient and in other cases, run out without us noticing and thinking that we have made rational use of them. Below we give you a series of very simple tips that we can apply in our tablets and smartphones to avoid being isolated when handling media that have become a fundamental part of our lives.

1. Control application downloads

When downloading games or other tools we must take into account the size they have. Although in some apps They notify us previously of the space they will occupy in our supports and their dimensions, the most advisable thing is to download them when we are connected to WiFi networks to avoid excessive data consumption.

android apps

2. Limit data traffic

Another very useful way to manage our navigation through our tablets and smartphones is the establishment of a cap maximum data accessing the Internet settings of the operating system that we have installed on our devices. In the case of Android For example, we receive a notice when we reach the limit we have previously set. We can control this option by accessing the menu «Settings«. Once inside, to the submenu «Wireless and networks»Where we will find a tab called«Data usage»In which we can set this amount.

3. Content download

On many occasions and unconsciously, we authorize Applications like Twitter to visualize the photographs or videos that we found when reading the content of these social networks. With it not only we exhaust our data but also the memory of the terminals. In the permissions we grant to these applications, we can activate or desactivate to our liking the option of automatic download and save both megabytes and storage space.

Tablet Galaxy Note Twitter

4. Offline mode

Some applications from developers such as Google, have an "offline" mode that allows us to continue using them despite not being browsing or having used up our data. This measure can also be very useful to save resources and battery.

5. Whatsapp web

The computer version of the most downloaded messaging app in the world has a great disadvantage that its designers warn when activating it on the screen of our devices: It is preferable to be connected to WiFi networks when using it to avoid excessive consumption that can leave us without data.