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Qualcomm takes chest with his Snapdragon 865 but can with the A13?

Qualcomm 865

Earlier this December, Qualcomm launched its latest generation chip, the Snapdragon 865. A chip that comes to stand up to the latest Samsung and Huawei processors in what Android territory refers to, but with whom truly aspires to compete is with the A13 Bionic.

Traditionally, Apple chips have always been a couple of generations ahead of competing SoCs. Qualcomm has been working on achieving a chip that at least can deal with you with Apple, and according to the most recent benchmarks it seems that they have succeeded. Or so some specialists say.

Recently published independent articles indicate that Qualcomm's last chip will exceed (by very little) the A13 Bionic. At the moment there is no commercialized device that has the Snapdragon 865, so its tests are being carried out in a test terminal that will carry this built-in chip and the technology that it is capable of handling. Knowing this we have gone to one of the quintessential benchmark apps, Antutu, willing to see how the numbers of these two beasts compare.


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While from the Android Authority portal ensure that Snapdragon 865 yields an incredible 540,000 points in Antutu according to the data shown in your graphics, the iPhone 11 Pro Max (which will be the highest performing iPhone) will stay in the 506,000 points. However, if we go to the latest publication of Antutu that indicates the ranking of iOS devices with higher performance currently, we see how It really indicates that the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max in this benchmark is 545,608 points, leaving it 5,000 points still ahead of the Qualcomm chip.

This battle takes years served, and that is a little competition can only help the chips continue and keep improving, still being incredibly powerful. In addition, the difference is small, and both chips perform at incredible levels. We will have to see how the devices of the main brands perform with Android once they equip this chip, and so it can be measured face to face in front of the A13 Bionic.