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Pythonista, Program in Python with this Fantastic App for iPad


Python is a programming language that allows you to work quickly and efficiently, something much appreciated by any beginner programmer. In addition Python has many features that make it a simple language for learning. Pythonysta is the iPad application that Turn your tablet into a Python development environment. The interface is very comfortable and you can create with great simplicity, without distractions. You will also have the possibility to enjoy a large number of fully functional examples with which you can guide your learning.

Pythonista, a Python integrated development environment directly on your iPad

In the main Pythonista page you will find the split screen. On the left side you can see a drop-down list with script cards and their script. When you select any script you will have the opportunity to enjoy a preview.

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<p>On the right side of the main interface is the editor, which you can leave in full screen by hiding the list of scripts by sliding it with your finger. Also some buttons will appear at the top with which <strong>You can run the scripts and configure your editor</strong>.</p>
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<p>Well, you have written all your code and you think you are prepared to try it. You can slide your finger from right to left in the editor interface and a new window will appear where <strong>the text you have selected will be interpreted and executed in Python code</strong>.</p>
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<p>The Pythonista application for iPad is a <strong>great tool to guide your learning in Python</strong>. It includes an interactive mode that helps you autocomplete the necessary code. You can also enjoy many examples to start working as soon as possible.</p>
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<p>Here tennis the video of Pythonista for iPad:</p>
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Pythonista is a really good iPad application with which you can create and develop your own projects. Thanks to the latest update, the app has become much more functional with the Apple tablet. Now you can count on the ?Photos? module that directly accesses the reel of your iPad, you can also manipulate them using the standard Python PIL module. Also included, among other features, is the ?Notification? module with which Pythonista can send messages to the Notification Center of your iPad. Do you think you can't program with your iPad? Give us your opinion a few lines below.

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