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Mobile reaches 170 million downloads in just 2 months

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has become in its own right one of the most important games for mobile devices in history. A few weeks ago we already told you that it had become the most downloaded mobile game in history in its first 7 days, the Activision franchise got 100 million downloads in its first available week.

However the fever for the game is not over, and far from descending the downloads continue to break records. As reported Tower sensor, Call of Duty: Mobile has reached 170 million downloads in just 2 months, something that has helped him position himself as one of the most downloaded games for iPhone in 2019. Probably recent developments such as compatibility with external controls and the expected zombie mode have helped to achieve these incredible figures.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a success for Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile has monopolized most downloads in markets as important as the United States or India, where it has respectively harvested 16 and 10 percent of all application downloads. Google Play generates the majority of downloads, representing just over 89 million, or 52 percent. The iOS version meanwhile accumulated almost 83 million downloads, that is, the remaining 48 percent.

call of duty mobile best game 2019

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In addition, the revenue Activision is earning from Call of Duty: Mobile is still astounding, although player spending has slowed down remains strong. Call of Duty: Mobile earned most of its revenue in October, raising $ 55 million compared to approximately 31 million raised in November. Most of these revenues come from the App Store, which generates more than 51 million, 59.2 percent of the total.

Although the expense in the game has decreased, Call of Duty: Mobile is located among the 25 highest grossing titles in several key markets. There is no doubt that it is an authentic success that still has a long way to go.