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Millionaire: this is Ryan Kaji, the 8-year-old boy who earns the most money on YouTube in 2019

The Ryans World channel has 23 million subscribers

An 8-year-old boy who resets toys has been named as the
youtuber with higher income for the second year in a row.

Ryan Kaji of
Ryan's World,
which earned $ 22 million in 2018, increased its revenue to $ 26 million in 2019, according to an annual ranking of the 10 Best Paid Stars of
 in 2019,
Posted by Forbes this Wednesday.

The list is based on earnings calculated between June 2018 and June 2019.

The channels
Dude Perfect and
Nastya came in second and third place, with US $ 20 million and US $ 18 million respectively.

In total, the 10 highest paid youtubers of 2019 earned $ 162 million among all.

The youtubers with the most earnings in 2019

Entertaining and fun

Forbes calculated the gross income of each youtuber, considering ads, sponsored content, merchandise sales and tours.

Ryan Kaji, who lives with his mother, father and twin sisters in Texas, USA, generally publishes a new video for his 23 million subscribers every day.

Often their recordings receive millions of visits, and a couple of them have more than one billion views.

Last November, Kaji told the NBC network that people like his videos because it is "entertaining and fun."

The most popular video of the child has 1.9 billion views and is a five-minute, 56-second clip of him running in an inflatable game in his garden, collecting plastic eggs with toys inside.

Dude Perfect, created by five friends, is the second channel with more earnings of 2019Dude Perfect, created by five friends, is the second channel with the most earnings of 2019

The boy, whose estimated earnings doubled from 2017 to 2018, changed the name of his Ryan ToysReview channel to Ryan's World from the 2018 ranking.

The second channel with more profits, Dude Perfect, presents five 30-year-old friends who play with items like Nerf guns and practice tricks with them.

Nastya, the third channel in the ranking, presents Anastasia Radzinskaya, a 5-year-old girl who was born in southern Russia with cerebral palsy.

The account of
Jeffree Star, the fifth youtuber with the most earnings, has dozens of makeup tutorials.

Atypical cases

Jeffree Star has dozens of makeup tutorialsJeffree Star has dozens of makeup tutorials

But the success of these youtubers is somewhat atypical, according to Chris Stokel-Walker, culture writer for
 and author of the book YouTubers.

"The vast majority of people who open a YouTube channel, or start a career as influencers, will not succeed," he told the BBC.

"96.5% of youtubers don't earn enough advertising revenue to overcome the US poverty line, and with the number of youtubers constantly increasing, competition is getting harder and harder," he added.

YouTube videos in which children appear receive three times more average views than other types of high-subscription channel videos, according to research by the Pew Research Center.

Minecraft and Fortnite player Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton) is the only British on the list.

Although in this last ranking it fell from the fourth to the ninth position since its earnings have fallen US $ 6.5 million since 2018.

PewDiePie jumped from ninth to seventh place despite facing criticism for anti-Semitic and racist videos.

Logan Paul, who showed in one of his videos the body of a
Apparent suicide victim in January, left the list, as did his brother Jake, who was second in 2018.


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