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Install the new Android P launcher, Official!

Two days ago, the first beta of the new Android operating system in its 9.0 version was officially presented, which was only known as Android P, this update is only available for Google first and second generation pixels as well as for other terminals different brands.

One of the aspects that most caught our attention of this incredible operating system, is the new interface which has really different changes to what we know in Android oreo since the aesthetic changes completely.

One of the things that we came to appreciate without a doubt was the new launcher which changed radically to that of the first beta a few months ago and is that this has the same design but one or another different parameter.

This launcher can be enjoyed on devices with Android Oreo since the parameters are much better but without a doubt you can use it on any other Android, we will leave you the download link so you can install it.

In this launcher we do not find many novelties since they are the first betas that are being released so as time goes by here in TecnoCat we assure you that we will be offering you version by version that will be coming out soon.

In the launcher you can only configure the notification points, glimpses at the top of the screen, add icons to the main part, show Google app and show app suggestions, in this launcher the customizations or additional tools are not implemented as we return to mention that this is the first beta so it also does not mean that the application goes wrong since this is going in a great way and without any problem, no lag or unexpected closures.

Download here

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