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Huawei present a new Mate X folding at MWC 2020

Huawei Mate X

The conversations of Richard Yu and Frandoid are leaving juicy news. If yesterday we unveiled the launch date of the Huawei P40, now the CEO of the company has confirmed to the French media that during the MWC 2020 they will present their new Huawei Mate X.

A Huawei Mate X that improves your weakest points

While Yu has not entered into details about the composition of his new folding smartphone, he has confirmed that this will come with significant improvements over his predecessors. This renovation goes through offering a device with a Better processor, a redesigned hinge and a significant improvement in its screen, making it more resistant.

In other words, they will address the main problems that this type of device has presented, especially in terms of the fragility of its screen, one of the points that most concerns among buyers. On the other hand, the president of the Chinese company has affirmed that his intention is to make A thinner and lighter device.

The arrival of Mate X to Europe

Another of the headlines that left this interview is the confirmation that the Huawei Mate X arrive in Europe, stating that he would like this to happen in the first quarter of 2020. Of course, he did not confirm whether he was talking about the current Mate X, most likely, or the version they are going to launch.

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