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How to make a legendary brawler in Brawl Stars come out before

Leon, Crow, Spike and Sandy They are the four legendary brawlers of the game, and getting them is an arduous task. If you want to get all the fighters or you are a collector, these are our recommendations to increase your chances that one of the legendary fighters of Brawl Stars will touch you.

How to increase the chances of getting a legendary brawler

We are not going to lie to you, there is no foolproof trick to get these characters, but there are certainly options. This is what you can do to increase the chances, or what can indicate that you are on the right track.


The first of all to keep in mind is that the more trophies we have more possibilities we will have some legendary brawler. So you know, to win games, become the best and the game will reward you.

brawl stars trophy

Get weird characters

He have weird characters It already helps the chances that the next one is a legendary increase. If you have weird, super weird, and especially mystical characters, you're almost one step away from the next one being a legendary. So it is to play and play so that more and more special brawlers touch you, until the expected and precious legendary appear.

When you get all the characters of a particular rarity, there are more chances that you get characters from the following. That is, if you have all the characters of common rarity, the chances of getting a rare character in a button box increase exponentially. When you have all the weirdos, the weirdos, and so on until you get the legendary … Do you think it was going to be so easy?

Rare brawlers

If you do not get new characters, do not worry, the game already takes care that if you have a bad streak of luck the chances of a rare brawler touching you will rise thanks to the luck system. So that in the end, the legendary ones appear on your screen.

This luck system means that if in the last boxes no character has touched us in the next one, you will have more possibilities and so on respectively. It's a great idea, right?

legendary brawler


It is clear that the boxes They are the easiest and fastest way to get the characters, so it is best to have the maximum amount.

A trick to get the maximum amount of boxes is to get a lot of event tickets. By getting a minimum of 20 you can participate in the modeRobotics fight.Bet the most tickets. The tickets bet will multiply the chips we can get. These tokens can later be exchanged for new boxes.

You can also go fight against a boss, but if you beat him and you become the boss and you are defeated, you lose all the tickets … Are you sure you want to take a chance?