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How to get Mewtwo in Pokmon Masters

How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Masters 2

This Christmas brings you something unique in Pokmon Masters, so you better be prepared. Giovanni arrives with Mewtwo to conquer the entire Passio region and it is important that you stop him, because that way you can get his Pokmon. This is why today we will tell you how how to get Mewtwo in Pokmon Masters.

Note that you have to beat him and his team, in addition to carrying out several missions so it is better that you have with you the best comps of Pokmon Masters, since otherwise you may lose.

What should I do to get Mewtwo in Pokmon Masters?

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As you know Mewtwo is one of the strongest legendary Pokmon of the entire game, this is why it is not an easy task to get hold of it, because you must get 800 special spaces to unlock your location and challenge it.

For to get the 800 seats you must complete the event locations They are in adventure mode, so you will have to play daily if you want to have Mewtwo on your Pokmon team.

That is, getting the 800 seats does not assure you to get it, because you must beat him and Giovanni. Keep in mind that Mewtwo is weak against the sinister guy, so take advantage of the type table to be able to defeat it faster.

Once you've managed to beat Giovanni and Mewtwo you can recruit them on your team. In addition, you have the possibility of strengthen Mewtwo with part of the 800 special objects What did you get during the event:

  • New movements.
  • New habilities.
  • Unlock the maximum level.
  • Raise your level.

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In addition, if you play the event daily, the prizes they will give you will triple once a day, so take advantage of this December and don't waste any more time, because ?The shadow machine? It ends on December 19. From Androidphoria we assure you that if you manage to get hold of Mewtwo, nobody can defeat you.

We also recommend you review the 5 best tricks of Pokmon Masters, since for sure they will serve you for the fight against Mewtwo and Giovanni. What do you think of this event, did you get Mewtwo or are you finding out? If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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