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How to eliminate any zombie boss in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile zombie boss

The zombie mode is one of the most complicated of Call of Duty Mobile, in this there are several types of categories: Normal Assault, Extreme and Survival. In each of these difficulties, when the player reaches the final round must face a very powerful and complicated boss to eliminate.

The giant zombie monster is very dangerous and can quickly eliminate you with a single attack. For that reason, you have to be very prepared before entering the final round and know well what the weaknesses are. Then We will show you the best tips for you to emerge victorious in zombie mode.

Have only assault rifles

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It is important to keep in mind that it is best to always stay away from the boss, since it is difficult to attack and defend at the same time. As always you will be away from him, the shotguns and guns will not work in this round 8, so before facing the boss, you have to have 2 assault rifles. If you reach round 8 and you don't have the rifles, you can find 2 different at the edges of the battlefield.

Improve the enhancers to the fullest in Round 7

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When you're in Round 7 and you've unlocked the bottom of the establishment where the zombies are generated, you must keep in mind that you have to improve the enhancers. All those in red are recommended, these will help you to be stronger and take away more life the boss.

Use the missile launchers that appear on the battlefield

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During the confrontation, missile launchers are generated at the edges of the battlefield, which are perfect for taking a lot of life away from the boss. It is very important to be aware every time one of them comes out, since it is a good advantage.

Throw grenades at the boss whenever you can

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Grenades can be unlocked by having 2500 coins during the first rounds of zombie mode. They are located right next to the first rifle you can have. You can only use a grenade every so often, in round 8 they will help you a lot to decrease the life of the final boss.

You just have to try to stay away and throw the grenades very close to him. In this way, you can do a lot of damage and not chase you.

Beware of the zombies that appear while attacking the boss

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During the battle against the boss, zombies and obstacles appear. This can be something very dangerous, the most advisable thing is that you eliminate these enemies weaker so that they do not catch you off guard while you unfold on the battlefield.

If you consider all these tips manage to survive all the attacks of the final boss and you can beat him in a faster way. Remember that you can also check here some tips to win in the Domain or Weapon Game mode.