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How to change the source of an Android phone

There are several ways to change the source of a telephone, and it can also depend on the terminal you have. Some manufacturers like Samsung have certain options dedicated entirely to this, while some do not even have the possibility to do so. But do not worry, have the Android you have, we teach you how to change the font.

Change the source of an Android from the phone options

If your phone has the option to change the font then you can change it from the options themselves. Each phone has these options in a different place, but you can access the options and look for the optionSourceto know if you have it and where it is located. Some phones only have a couple of typefaces, while some enjoy many more.

change android font

Do it with an app

If your phone does not allow you to change the options you can do it from an app. Yes, as simple as installing an app from the Play Store. There are several apps, but iFont or HiFont They are the most popular. With these apps you can install a new font without any problem, download and install.

iFont (Expert of Fonts)

iFont (Expert of Fonts)

Do it with a launcher

But if you don't just like the operation of these apps or you have alauncherinstalled maybe you can change it from there. Some launchers how can you beNova, Action, Go orApex.

In each launcher you can do it differently, but for example in Nova Launcher, one of the most popular launchers in the Android world can do it as follows:

In a desk space you press and hold to access the options. We will all selectDesktop, applications or folders,which is where you will have to change the style of the font. In sectionSourceYou can modify the size, the font style (among a few), the color and if you want shadow or line. So you can leave it quite to your liking.

change android font Nova Launcher "width =" 800 "height =" 568 "srcset =" 800w, https: / / 300w, 630x447.jpg 630w, 768w "sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

As we have said in each launcher work differently, but not far from this method.

And these are our recommendations on how to change the font on Android. What form has convinced you the most? Does your phone allow you to change the font by default or have you had to use another method?