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Guide to the Hearthstone deck list: Dragon Hunter – Descent of Dragons – Hearthstone (December 2019)

Our guide on the Dragon Hunter decklist presents the best list of Decent of Dragons decks for season 69 of Hearthstone (December 2019). Our Dragon Hunter guide also contains Mulligan tips, card combos and strategy tips.

Dragon Hunter is a Hearthstone deck that has never seen the light of day. Now, however, Descent of Dragons is here, and with it comes a lot of new draconian henchmen to free opponents.

This is a kind of mid-range mallet in game style, which encourages you to play minions in the curve and eventually knock them down with your tempo and constant facial damage, facilitated by your continuous blows to the face and the synergies of Dragon.

In this edition of our guide Dragon Hunter, we highlight the most competitive version of the deck on the ladder. We will review the list of decks, as well as a strategy guide and tips on synergies and mulligans.

List of Dragon Hunter decks and strategy

Here is the version of Dragon Hunter watching the most games at the current stage of the Descent of Dragons goal. We will update our recommendations as the goal evolves over time.

2 x Springpaw 2 x Burning battle damage
2 x Corrosive breath 2 x Dragn Faerie
2 x Animal companion 2 x Nightmare amalgam
2 x Diving tap 2 x Scalerider
2 x Kill command 2 x Elusive feywing
2 x Storm hammer 2 x Faceless Corruptor
1 x Dragonbane 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Skyfin
2 x Elusive wyrm

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Cover import ID: AAECAR8CrwSHsAMOqAK1A + EE3oIDoIUDiq0Di60Djq0D + a4D / rAD / 7ADgrEDhbEDh7EDAA ==

Ms excellent Hunter guides:

General strategy

Dragon Hunter has to do with taking your Dragons on board and on the curve. Ideally, you will be playing a more aggressive version of a mid-range game plan, but you should adapt to more heavy enemies to avoid premature death.

Early game: Dragon Hunter is really very easy to play. Just try to stay on the curve and you will do well. Try to hit the face with people like Burning battle damage and Dragn Faerie, and use Corrosive breath to get rid of enemy teasing while receiving some decent damage. You may still have to trade when you face an aggro, but in general you should try to get away from the opponent's face.

Half of the game: As the presence of your board develops, keep using your minions and dragons to maintain control. Storm hammer Do not lose Durability when you have a Dragn on board, so you can continue to eliminate enemy threats and direct damage to the face without limits if you continue playing the Dragons. The size of your hand will be reduced quite quickly, so you are looking to keep hitting the enemy with people like Corrosive breath and Kill command. If you can, playing Dragonbane on a empty board with plenty of manpower for a Hero Power is a solid 7-sided damage, and Skyfin It's a solid way to fill your board with a pair of Murloc minions whenever you have a Dragn in your hand.

Late game: Ideally, you will have hit enough that victory is within reach. Your Hero Power continues to inflict damage, and hopefully Storm hammer It has gained much value from the synergies of Dragon. Now is the time to start counting for lethal. Find everything you have on hand and see if it is enough. Gun strikes, Dragonbane, Kill command, Animal companion and Leeroy Jenkins Everyone can help with this, so see if you have the scope to finish it.