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Google refuses to reduce the Fortnite commission on Google Play


Here is a topic, since Google has replied to Epic Games to tell it that it will not make an exception with Fortnite and the 30% commission you want reduced. And is that Epic Games wants your game to be finally distributed in the Google Play Store.

And when at first it had happened when saying that the commission was very high, now it has clear intentions, since a succulent piece of the cake is lost. A Fortnite that is in the App Store and we should know if there is any kind of agreement that is there. Google remains in its thirteen. Let's know the details.

Epic Games must be the same as another developer


Logically, a game like Fortnite is in the Google Play Store means millions to both the company and Google, but here there is more than we can think because the big G does not want to reduce that 30% of commissions. Google clarifies it by saying:

?Android allows multiple app stores and choices for developers to distribute their apps. Google Play has a business model and guidelines that allow us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers be able to create successful businesses while users are safe. We welcome any developer who recognizes the value of Google Play and We expect you to participate under the same terms as other developers. ?

So it makes it very clear: or like everyone else, or nothing. Now we will see the response of Epic Games after yesterday explaining the intentions of publishing Fortnite in the Play Store after having distributed independently on its platform since the launch in August 2018.

The same thing happened with Apple

Fortnite on iOS

Epic Games dictates that what Google does It is illegal to "nail" a 30% commission for a platform which has more than 50% market share of apps and games in a virtual store. And Google is still thirteen in the face that Epic Games did not ask for the same exception to Apple.

In fact, Fortnite has been available through the App Store since the spring of last year and where it seems that Epic pays 30% for each micropayment made by a player. And it is reaffirmed that the Play Store has its expenses to promote apps, discover them organically, provide security and hosting and provide analytical tools and techniques.

That is, what Epic plays is that, at be able to install Epic Games on your Android mobile, the user has a way to go completely from the Google Play Store. This fact is the excuse for Epic to ask Google for that exception or exception in the 30% commission. Of course, if we go to the App Store or iOS, there is no way to install the installer that allows us to access Fortnite without the App Store, so it does not have any ace under its sleeve to ?negotiate? with Apple.

The monopoly according to Epic Games

Android fornite

Time Sweeney, CEO of Epic, keeps app stores like Apple and Google have monopolies and that 30 percent is a high percentage that are borne by the cost of the services that the two companies provide. Of course, they only take 15% if it is a subscription service such as Netflix and Spotify.

When a game like Fortnite lives from microtransactions and these leave 30% to the games stores, it is very clear the desire they have to modify these percentages. The fact that they ask Google for an exception is due rather to the loss that it can mean for Google, but at the same time it is for Epic Games, since there are not a few players who delegate to the Play Store for the installation of their games and pass from third-party apps such as the Epic Games store itself.